Monday, July 09, 2007

Comics As Yer Lover

"At what point should you decide that Dan Didio is just using you for sex? Or that Grant Morrison is also using you for sex, but at least it's really good sex? "

These two lines guarantee a golden post.

At MetamorphoStuff, Ryan Day compares your relationship with your comics with your relationship with a girlfriend or boyfriend.

"Comic books, however, are promiscuous little whores with no standards or loyalty whatsoever. They want as many people as possible reading them, and they don't care who or why. You want to read them because you're doing your thesis on the evolution of the graphic medium? They'll take your money. You want to read them because you like Power Girl's boobies? Your money is just as good. Possibly better."

Personally, I like it when my copy of "The Initiative" #3 wakes up a half-an-hour before I do and makes me raspberry waffles and coffee.

(Found via Journalista, who makes it far too easy for me to find these damn things.)

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  1. I really love posts like the one linked to here, where somebody realizes that, like every other medium you exchange money for, the first and foremost goal of Marvel and DC (and most others) is to make money. The sense of betrayal over realizing that maybe Marvel's more interested in selling copies of Captian America #25 than worrying if Random Longtime Reader will enjoy the story never fails to amuse.