Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Iron Man Movie Teaser From Comic Con

NOT my footage, but found on YouTube and has been circulating like crazy.

Pants had to be changed at Casa Del Occasional Superheroine after viewing these clips.

It looks really, really good. Downey is perfect and between him and Ed Norton doing "Hulk," I think Marvel is putting out enough solid movie product to tide viewers over until "Spider-Man 4" and the Wolverine movie.

Added: seems this footage is getting pulled left and right on YouTube, so here is a description of what you see:

Tony Stark: "I am cranky, sexy, arrogant, and badass! And smart!"

Pretty reporter: "Some say you are the modern-day Leonardo DiVinci! What do you think of that?"

Tony Stark: "I am badass! And dead sexy!"

Then Tony is riding in some SUV in Afghanistan or Iraq or wherever and gets caught up in an explosion. He wakes up and some mysterious guy like Liam Neeson in "Batman Begins" tells Tony,

"Without this machinery I've put in your heart, you will die."

Tony: "I know, I will build armor."

So then we see that classic silver "boxy" armor from the early days and everybody's like: "oh man this is so cool ahhhhhh!!!!"

Then we see that better, more modern yellow-and-red armor and now we've got the CGI and he's flying and shooting things.

It was awe-some.


  1. I hope they make this two pretty good, at the level of Spider-Man or X-Men. Downey and Norton are quite a good start, especially for the Hulk franchise after the first and boring film...

    Can you believe we have not seen yet in Spain Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer? We still have to wait another week...

  2. They've pulled it already...damn it.

  3. It's still here

    Man, I nerded all over myself after seeing this. 2008 is going to be way too much fun.

  4. Thanks AZM!

    Holy Crap, just how good is this looking?! fan bloody tastic. I laughed, I cried, I hurled. (apart from the last two)

    All joking apart this looks like serious medicine after the disappointment that was Spidey 3