Wednesday, July 11, 2007

DC's "New Gods" Plans

From Newsarama's interview with Jim Starlin re: upcoming "Death of the New Gods" mini:

NRAMA: If the end is nigh for the New Gods, where do Darkseid and Apokolips weigh in? Or are they in danger as well?

JS: I'm not sure why folks keep asking me questions like this. The name of the series is The Death of the New Gods, not The Death of Some of the New Gods.

NRAMA: Got it. Finally, then, will this project lead to a re-iteration of the New Gods in the foreseeable future? Or do you think it is time to close the final chapter on an old idea and try a new concept?

JS: DC owns the rights to the character's names. There's some great names there. What do you think?

Are they going to reboot these characters a la "Blue Beetle" "Atom" etc with the classic names and all-new people?

Quick, somebody run to the John Byrne boards and elicit his reaction!

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  1. *barf!*

    And I thought movie remakes were bad. :(