Thursday, July 12, 2007

Neil Gaiman Perfume Line?!

Apparently the new Previews is offering a couple of "fragrances" based on the works of Neil Gaiman.

"Now, seriously, would somebody please go out and shoot this fucking industry in the head, pretty please? Just blow it's tiny brain out like any other mindless, scuzz-stained zombie deserves."

-- Evan Dorkin's reaction

(found via "All the Rage")


  1. You know, of course that this isn't new - Marvel has a Hulk perfume line. (And Storm, too, I believe). They are for sale on Amazon.

  2. Hulk smell pretty!

  3. What Evan may or may not have known is that these scents are by Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs, and the proceeds go to the CBLDF. The scents are actually supposed to be quite pleasant, if you like that sort of thing, and BPAL has been selling them for quite some time, well before they appeared in Previews. Neil's response is here.