Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Paraphrased From An Independent Comic Creator Outside The Convention Center

"They want to bring comics down, they want to cut people out, they want to take all the rights for themselves -- F**K THEM. They want to bring comics down, they want to move progress backward, they want to present the same old shit, f**k them, comics doesn't need them.
 If you're not out to help comics, get out of the f**king way."


  1. He seems like a man who knows his own mind.

  2. wow..i need to team up with this guy. i'm more of on the same page but with a bit of darwin cooke cynicism and disillusionment.

    we need more angry people who want change out there.

  3. I just wonder what he was referring to, 'cause it could be a whole lot of different things that set him off.

    and he's right. and too many freelancers are deathly afriad of never getting work again to say that.