Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wow! It's Official! Eddie Murphy Is The Riddler!

Hey everybody, Eddie Murphy is going to play The Riddler in Batman 3! Yeppers!

Look at this awesome costume test:

And oh look, Shia LaBoeuf is going to play Robin! Swell!

What, no Photoshop of Shia yet?

Oh, there we go!

Via The Sun


  1. Oh, I thought you were joking about shia. BOOO!

  2. Eddie Murphy as the Riddler is sort of a funny joke. Sort of. Kind of.

    Shia LaBoeuf is in no way funny. It's very unfunny and makes me stabby and punchy.

  3. 'Robin! Watch out for that crazed man in lady fat-suit coming straight at you!

    'Oh no no no no no on on on no no no no nonononononononononononoNOO!'

  4. Oh, I love the Sun. Quality reporting at it's finest, and a topless model on page 3!

  5. I still think Jim Carrey should forever be the Riddler in any remake. Ever. That said, I don't mind Shia - in fact, I have a bit of a JewGirl crush on him. I'm anxious to see if he pulls it off (and by "it" I mean his pants).

  6. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Worry not. It's all just bull. Superhero Hype has an article about it.

  7. Shia LaBoeuf will more likely be Yorick.

    Anyone else think that would be a bad choice?

  8. The Sun is a crock. It's like the Enquirer. It's a tabloid.

    Besides, Nolan said this is a young Batman and there is no room for a Robin.

    Unless he doesn't come back for the 3rd movie.

    And just so everyone knows, Warner Bros. has not confirmed any of this horrible casting.

    Thinnking a bit, I wonder how an Eddie Murphy Riddler would be?

  9. Ya...this is real. I can't wait. This looks awesomer every new "development." I hope The Sun and people like The Sun keep posting these wondrous stories. - I say in a monotone, almost robotic, voice while forcing a half-showing-my-teeth smile.

  10. It's The Sun. They make things up. Even I don't do that.

  11. I wonder if Patton Oswalt would make for a good Madd Hatter.

  12. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Am I the only one that thought The Dark Knight was simply decent?