Monday, December 22, 2008

Response To Blog@Newsarama

J. Caleb Mozzocco's attack on me in his Newsarama column for my stance against illustrated child pornography has inspired me to officially take action to fight child porn and child exploitation. I am taking the following steps:

* Creation of resource page with links to websites against child porn, exploitation, and abuse. Conducting my own search on such resources, I think there is a need for an updated list.

* Research into taking my first-person testimony regarding sexual exploitation and pornography into the realms of written work and speaking engagements. It is one thing to say I am against child pornography and exploitation, and ultra-violent porn involving women. It is another to give my personal testimony. I've been afraid to do so up to now, because it broached incredibly personal topics regarding my life. But now I realize that though those parts of my life were painful, it also provides a wealth of information and unique insight.

The more I get publicly attacked, the more I will channel my energy to fight child porn and educate the public. That is the only reaction I will have to it from now on.

I am also tremendously proud to stand up for something I believe in. My thanks for Mr. Mozzocco for inspiring me to take action. When I write my resource list, I will be sure to reference his post at Newsarama as the crucial thing that finally convinced me to take action in my own small way.

And if anyone feels I am not fit to lead a national women's organization because I am against child porn (in any form) and ultra-violent porn featuring women, by all means start the impeachment process.

I do not have personal ethics and a code of morality in order that I might win popularity contests. I have them so I can sleep at night with a clear conscience, help protect others, and have peace with my God.

And I got into comics because I wanted to read stories about heroes.