Thursday, December 11, 2008

Feminist Spaghetti

You have to admit, "Girl-Ar-Dee" is clever.
And apparently feminists are ugly
with really big knockers

Busy day today, but wanted to get a few links of note in from around teh Internets...

Ferris Bueller Where Are They Now?
Is it wrong that I think Edie McClurg turned out looking the best out of all of them?

People Making Six Figures On YouTube
Well screw that, I'm making more videos!

Star Wars Producers Thought Leia Was Too Fat
Also, rolls on the side of her head made her look chubby

Emma Watson Looks Forward To Posing Nude In A Movie...

...and proving her worth as an actress
bonus: "I’m not a woman yet, but I’m not a girl any more."

Also: Jennifer Aniston Proves Her Worth Too

"You'll put your eye out."

It actually happened.

And a great quote from David Mamet regarding the Illinois governor scandal:

"I am from Chicago, and, so, having been disillusioned with politics at an early age I do not become involved. The only reason I vote is because they pay me."

Am I right in recalling that Gotham City was based a bit more on Chicago than New York City?

This is the sort of stuff you really need to get Batman to clean up.


  1. A lot of people are focusing on the nekked part of that Emma Watson interview (I was contemplating posting something as well). But I think the best part of that article is her desire to go on to university and continue her education before she thinks about jumping into more films.

  2. Edie McClurg is a classic comedy utility player and deserves some sort of career award.

  3. Man...yeah, that cast has not aged well. I'm always shocked by how different Jennifer Grey looks now.

    And so the sexualization of (really) young actresses continues. She's a horrible actress, so I'm not surprised she's going for that. Hey, if Harry Potter can go nude....

    Chicago and Gotham have a lot in common, not the least of which really, really crooked cops.

  4. Well, the Emma Watson thing shouldn't be ridiculed. Some view acting, like the Aussies especially, as a revealing of all of one's self, more so then just the body. So, being nude isn't a big deal if the part demands it. I mean, if she was doing a teen/college comedy where it's only cool if you're making dick/poop joke or else you're nude, I'd be like, "...yeesh." Taste when it comes to nude form is very opinionated though. And, I know I'm a guy, but I was being sincere about the artform of art. Plus, it's much different over in other countries than here. In England and Australia, they act for the passion. Not like here, where most are like, "I'm gonna be SOOOO famous!"

    And, sorry if this seems really guy...but Jennifer Aniston looked gorgeous. She technically wasn't nude. I don't see the point to make fun of the actor's "worth" based on that. And, I'm not defending both because they're attractive. I'm just defending them over an unfair cut-down.

  5. Gotham was originally based on New York, Gotham being one of the old nicknames of the Big Apple. But as time has gone on, Gotham has developed to look and feel more like Chicago, particularly as Metropolis has filled the role of NYC in the DCU.

  6. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Considering I nearly lost my eye a few weeks ago (but miraculously was healed by the next morning), I feel jealous.

  7. It's funny until somebody loses an eye. Then it's freakin' hilarious! (Proof: Calvin hits Susie on the back of the head with a snowball. Susie exclaims that her eyeball popped out and needs Calvin to help look for it...)

    And this might make me a bad person, but thinking about Emma Watson makes me recall the Harry Potter sketch from Saturday Night Live...

  8. Batman in Chicago. Surely you jest. If the Bats sets foot in Chicago, he best step correct or we'll send him home crying to Alfred or Talia.

  9. Do you think they made Aniston's skin look the color of pumpkin pie for some sort of seasonal/holiday theme?

  10. Big Mike's half right. There were a good few cities nicknamed The Gotham, or just, Gotham. Those nicknames were based on the people though. It was signified as a fool's paradise. I think England was first and then other cultures. I know that 'something' Irving nicknamed New York City that. I wonder if he meant it as an insult but most took it as, "Well, the architecture is gothic." or something. But ya, most writers/artists will say it's an amalgam, but that it's layout is based on Chicago with certain landmarks added from NYC because of the architecture. And, especially due to the fact that Kane is a New Yorker through and through. Maybe writers over time switched it to be more like Chicago? 'Course in The Dark Knight Returns, you can clearly see allusions to L.A. with the highway system and Gotham. But, that's an Elseworlds of sorts.

    I always thought it was funny about Metropolis and Gotham City. Cuz Metropolis is Greek for progressive city. So, basically the creators titled these cities 'city' in a different way. And, if you look at Gotham City, it is technically saying City City. Heh!

  11. Ok, you do have a point about actresses. After all, I like Kate Winslet a lot and she has no qualms about going nude. I guess it just seems like too much of a shortcut for young actresses.

    I mean, one thinks Harvey Keitel is less of a thespian for going full frontal, there is a double standard at work here.

    It just bugs me when someone barely out of high school is talking about it. I'm a prude in my old age, I tells ya.

  12. Wow to the "eye" thing.

    Holy crap to "Carrie Fisher", she looks like Margot Kidder (Lois from the first Superman movies) after they found Margot drugged out and homeless on the streets a few years back...

    I think the guy from Ferris who played on the Michael J Fox Mayor sitcom looks fine...just a grey...

  13. Oh Wacky Packages, is there a more accurate social barometer than you? Sigh.