Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Update: Newsarama

Hi all,

I did close this blog for the holidays, but I want to say that I've received communications from a couple of people at Newsarama, and I'm satisfied with their concern for me and dedication to fairness on this issue. To the people who have contacted me from there: it is very much appreciated! God bless, and have a happy holiday!

(I will back-date this post tomorrow to have the holiday greeting first, but I wanted it up now just to clear the air.)


  1. Have a Happy Christmas, Valerie! Go easy on the Wassail, but not on the mistletoe!

  2. Good for you.

    But, I am still confused about how you can view people arguing for free speech as people trying to prevent your speech.

    If you had just said "I believe these images are harmful to society and they should not be produced or consumed, you would have had a lot less drama." It was the implied support of criminality that stirred those who believe the First Amendment should apply whether you agree with the speech or not.

    And no one has tried to prevent you from even saying that. They just believe you are wrong.

  3. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Might be that you're done with the whole thing now, but something niggled at me yesterday - this whole sexualising of teenagers is not something of the last years only.

    Last night I dug out these scans I made a while back (from an issue of Vampirella).

    It's been said that the commentary and the whole calendar must be seen as 'endearing' and 'tongue in cheek', but I wonder whether even then the intent couldn't prevent the end results being creepy.

    This page I just found gives more images of the convention, and a description...

    even in joke, it does imply that a 14 year old girl might have been under threat from grabby (if not grubby) hands while riding the elevator...

    Well, there you go.

  4. I'm relieved to here that the powers that be over at Newsarama aren't guilty of selective filtering of comments based solely on the individual's opinion.
    And I find the personal attacks on you both loathsome and sadly predictable.
    I find myself wondering what it is about a woman who expresses her views vigorously that inevitably elicits such hysterical response.