Monday, December 08, 2008

Comic Book Internet Feud!

It's apparent to me that news of my pugnacious heritage of Abruzzi mountaintop transplants living on the tough streets of Brooklyn has failed to waver Mr. Tony Lee's resolve to continue this vicious Comic Book Internet Feud™.


However, I was heartened to read that the Honorable Joe Gentile, head of Moonstone Books, took my recent (very fair I believe) review of MILF Magnet to heart:

"Tony, Valerie's made me think. Are we sure that we want to be releasing this?

I mean, we have women, sexy women in the nude ravishing young men! We have bondage! We have dominatrices! Sure, there's a plot and there's a lot of laughs and jokes, but are we really sure about this?"

Mr. Gentile, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you, thank you Mr. Joe Gentile, for taking a moment to digest my sage wisdom. Ever since you decided to put out that excellent comic book Johnny Dollar, I knew you were a man of foresight and integrity.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tony "I went to Gallifrey and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" Lee has promised further incendiary scribblings on his blog today. It is at this point that I wanted to point out just some of the badasses on my side:


  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Is the plural of "dominatrix" really "dominatrices"?

  2. 1. You were far from being "very fair"...very far off from being fair. And you're continual wasting time on him is only MORE promotion for his work.

    2. Lost his wife, lame character, GIANT Republican that supports everyone having a gun, and really?!?! the crazy lady?!?! No one wants her. She's mean, vindictive, and completely rude. I'll take Amanpour any day of the week.

  3. I feel like I'm missing something. Is this one of those instances where those involved with the "feud" are actually good friends? I'm sensing some tongue in that cheek.

  4. Every time I see Nancy Grace I can't eat or sleep for a few days.

  5. Oddly enough, that last one would worry me the most. I'm glad i'm not part of this blood feud...

  6. Nancy Grace would make Blastaar and John Wayne wet themselves.

  7. Miss D'Orazio. Since you are so proud of your italian roots, check the new edition of italian series Dyalan Dog that Dark Horse will be putting out in a few months. It's one of the best selling italian comics and it most definitely deserves far more publicity than, well, MILF Magnet.

    Just to help you get outraged, the protagonist beds a new girlfriend every issue. And his girlfriends die all the time. Check it out.

    Hunter (Pedro Bou├ža)

  8. Dominatrix is it's own plural. If one needs more than a single dominatrix to get the job done, well, the odds are she's not doing the job right.

  9. Not that I'm not rooting for you, Val, but your choice of supporting badasses has me a little concerned. Let's review.

    1. Deader career than David Caruso
    2. Looks like a department-store Wookie
    3. Deader than Generalissimo Francisco Franco
    4. Looks like a department-store Wookie

    Maybe you could ask your supportive, enlightened and generally shiny fanbase to suggest more effective badasses?

  10. Anonymous12:34 PM

    ...Okay, I'm just going to be a geek and say "Called it".


  11. First off, Val...very happy you're alive. You go right on being late for meetings!

    Secondly, this feud is rather amusing. MILF HUNTERS or whatever the heck it's called is the same kind of thing I would've been obsessed with when I was 12 years old.

    I think it's safe to say that this "writer" hasn't really graduated from that level of thinking.

    But whatever...just be careful you don't end up helping him with a drawn out feud. His stuff will die a pathetic death on the "shelf life meter." Trust me.

    Lastly...please don't ever side with Nancy Grace...*shudder!*


  12. It's not so much the comic itself as the belligerent attitude to "chicks" that has irritated me. Disagreeing with Val could have been done without bringing her gender into it, and it shows that this isn't a creator interested in simply making erotica but with an agenda toward denigrating women.

  13. whewwww.....wiping brow with arm..... asides Johnny Dollar they do have some good stuff coming out soon like Buckaroo Banzai and Kolchak in 2009. Did you know that the artist for these books (initials are AA) does free sketches?


    Brooklyn in da house!!!

  14. Having followed your blog for a while, I'm going to work with the assumption that this is not a stunt to promote the comic, but I'm not sure.

    Working with that assumption:

    1) You have every right to use your blog and review to tear apart MILF Magnet as the piece of immature sexist trash that it is.

    2) Moonstone has every right to publish it.

    You seem proud of the fact that the release of the issue has been held up. I'm not. It feels like a blow against freedom of expression.

    Of course, Moonstone is still free to publish and therefore express the work of the creators (likable or not) if they so choose.

    I hope they do, even if I'm not going to buy it.

    If it offends you, you shouldn't buy it.

  15. Anonymous5:59 PM

    See, I read your blog off my Blogger Feed, so I read it top entry first. I should of read this first, it would of made me feel "in on the joke" and superior to everyone that wasn't.

    And I come from the land of theater. For shame.