Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh, No! Another Controversy! Read This Now!

I just received a letter from a person, "Seleca," who claims that because I wasn't that impressed with "Batman RIP," I must be a "sexist woman." S/he ends the letter by calling me a "feminist harridan."

Now, I was going to do a long point-by-point rebuttal, but then I thought:

"What if this is just a viral PR ploy to promote Batman RIP by starting another feud?"

That's why I'm going to use this time and space instead to promote the latest installment of Dan Goldman's excellent webcomic serial, "Kelly."

You could also check out this interview with my friend Amin Amat

Read this heartfelt post by Lord Shazam about sexual harassment

Check out Laurel Maury's picks for the Best Graphic Novels of 2008 at NPR

or even read some Night Owls strips.

But Batman RIP? I'll let DC's excellent promotions department handle the buzz on that one.


  1. Would anyone who reads this blog not know what Batman RIP is? Any related search to you would have to be comics related, so any one searching comics at the very least knows Batman exists. If they want more Batman info then they'd find it through conventional sites.

    Even if the search is "sexual harassment in comics" they would know what Batman RIP is. And I doubt having you slam DC editorial is really the most effective marketing.

    Still, kudos for taking the high road. I only wish I could get hate mail for my blog...

  2. Good for you! Don't let yourself be dragged into something that will just be a waste of time. I'm now going to check out all those other links you provided. (Except my own, thanks for the plug, btw!)

    I'd much rather read Nite Owls than dig up the corpse of BATMAN R.I.P. again.

  3. I knew R.I.P. was gonna be awful. Mostly due to the fact that when a publisher establishes a major characters death over a series of books that it is gonna be a gimmick. But, ya, Morrison's take on any established character is gonna be skewed and borderline nonsensical.

    Also...haridan?!? What, does s/he live in the frickin' 18th century. What a charlatan!!! ;) Heh!

  4. I thought RIP was fine, even excellent, but I can't see how not liking is sexist. In other news, today Didio wrote a letter in that DC Nation thing at the back of every issue. He was excited about stuff coming, I kid you not, down line after "Infinite Crisis". Seriously, this guy got the Crises mixed up and he's supposed to be the guy in charge of it all...

  5. Anonymous5:11 PM

    I have absolutely no idea how someone could link not liking Batman to feminism without giving it some seriously unhealthy thought.

  6. Val, you're the nicest feminist harridan I have ever met.

    My favorite definition:
    1700, "one that is half Whore, half Bawd" ["Dictionary of the Canting Crew"]; "a decayed strumpet" [Johnson], from Fr. haridelle "a poore tit, or leane ill-favored jade," [Cotgrave, 1611], in Fr. from 16c., of unknown origin.

    Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2001 Douglas Harper"

    Boy, they sure knew how to use words back then!

    And in lieu of Batman RIP, go read the new Supergirl comic from Johnny DC! My second favoritest version of the character, after Peter David's 1000000 DC version.

  7. ...did I flip over two pages at once? How does you disliking Batman RIP mean you're sexist? There seems to be a weakness in the logic chain.

  8. Of course you must be all of those things. Whenever you disagree with someone or express an opinion counter to theirs, you automatically become everything they hate.

  9. Maybe you didn't like RIP because it, you know, wasn't that good?

  10. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Torsten, you like Ariella more then Linda?

    I believe it's time for a duel.

  11. Wait... I hope this Night Owls plug doesn't mean we're feuding!

    (For YOUR sake, I mean!)


  12. Feminist harridan would look great on a business card, especially if you paired it with a cool logo.