Monday, December 01, 2008

Goddamit Give Me A Reason

"And who also has a history of making money for DC Comics? DiDio. So as far as Warner Bros is concerned, he's not going anywhere soon."

With all due respect -- and I do like Rich Johnston as a person, so this is not an attack on him -- surely there are other important issues apropos to this conversation besides money. Yes? No?

I want to be shown what specific sexual harassment protections have been put in place for female workers in the DCU editorial department. Do they have an impartial forum in which to discuss these matters, one in which they feel they won't be censured and punished for? Do women feel they can come to Dan and pour their heart out to him about this harassment problem or that? How sensitive is he to these issues?

I also want to be shown statistics regarding rates of promotion for female editors over the years of DiDio's tenure, along with corresponding years of experience -- as well as what strides have been made in the diversity of their editorial department in general. Showing me an Adam Hughes poster and Gail Simone on Wonder Woman and calling it a day just doesn't cut it.

These are the things I want to see. The spin is meaningless to me.

Anyway, I know money makes the word go around and floats the Warner Bros. boat, but there are more important things than money. I know that sounds absolutely laughable and naive. That's right, more a fool am I. Good. This is the sort of fool I want to be.

As this new year begins, I'm very open to mending fences -- but I'm just as open to waiting it out two, five, ten years for a regime change at the DCU to start recommending girls and women to them again. In fact, I'm resigned to the fact that the only solution is to just wait it out, because I do think Rich is right, and that DiDio isn't going anywhere. But I'm also not shutting up or letting this issue die any time soon. Welcome to the world of stubbornness and Italians.