Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Worst Wonder Woman TV Show Ever

After the success of "Batman," TV execs in the 1960s had this brilliant idea: all you needed to do to handle superheroes on the small screen was to be campy. Hence television shows like Mr. Terrific and Captain Nice. And this Wonder Woman pilot.

Made by the producers of "Batman," this version of Wonder Woman featured a nebbishy "old maid" (at 27) who was nagged by her mother. Basically, a female version of Woody Allen was this Wonder Woman character.

It's unbearable. Now, go watch it.


  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Dear Lord, that was abominable...

  2. ...Wow. They really didn't get the character AT ALL. O.o;

    And frankly I think she's pretty, so I don't know what Batman narrator guy's going on about.

  3. Oh my dear god, that's terrible. The bit where she's just admiring herself in the mirror is the worst.

  4. Any reason the beginning of that mirror sequence was out of focus? I mean, any reason other then "It's just bad."?

  5. yeah, that is major league sexist. "Ha! Non-totally-hot women are insecure!" hilarity ensues!

    ironic, since, around this time, DC had Diana in her Emma Peel mode, which might have made for a way cool, ultra mod show. with i-spy like graphics, you know?

    isn't the woman who plays the "hot" wonder woman linda harrison from the planet of the apes movies?

  6. Couldn't get it to work in my browser - I'm sorry I switched to see it.

    Worst bit for me was the surreal panto-style kick into the air as she flew away.

    Anyone got Zatanna on speed dial? We're in need of a few mind wipes here...

  7. Wow.

    That was


  8. My friend's plane is caught in a storm! Quick, let me pose in front of a mirror before I go and save him!

    Oh man, what was watched cannot be unwatched!

  9. Oy!

    Jim Reddington
    art & graphic design portfolio

  10. "Worst Wonder Woman TV Show Ever"? I'm sorry, but that's the worst thing I've ever seen, bar none. I want to stick knitting needles in my eyes and ears to get the foulness out.

    The next time I want to complain about wretched shows or movies, I'm just going to think about this, and remember how much worse it could be.

  11. Anonymous11:59 AM

    I'm cool with campy superhero stuff - I still think the 60s TV Batman is the best version, actually - but there's a difference between being campy and being crap. Wonder Woman has great potential for goofy laughs, I'd say, but this was just awful.

  12. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Is it just me, or is the "reflection" in the mirror turning the wrong way?

    Dear God, I need to rinse my brain with rubbing alcohol after that!

  13. I actually really like that twinkly-toe thing she does to leap off the roof. I wish I could do that.

  14. "I actually really like that twinkly-toe thing she does to leap off the roof. I wish I could do that."

    Catch the heathen!!!

  15. This shit again. Bah!

    If WB ever makes a Wonder Woman feature film, I'm almost certain it will turn out like this...

  16. Made worse by the fact that Tom Koch, a noted television and MAD Magazine writer, worked on it. Even he says it's awful.

    The worst ever? No, my friends, this is nothing. Go and find the pilot episode of the Brady Bunch Variety Show. Staring Tony Randall. The disco medley alone will haunt your subconscious.

    Regarding superhero television, the Silverman NBC specials seem to share a special place in fandom. Just as this Wonder Woman was to follow in the style of Batman, so too did the specials, but tenfold, as they added what was unofficially the Justice League. (Superman and Wonder Woman had media deals at this point, and do not appear. But Ghettoman does. Can you say, "Kareem!")

  17. This is the same quality storytelling I expect we'll see in the upcoming Green Hornet film by/starring Seth Rogen.

  18. Thank God this never made it to air - I can't imagine what this would have done to impressionable nerdy kids like me if it'd been a weekly show.

    Now pardon me, I gotta go scrub my eyes with Ajax. Unclean!