Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Goot

“I am a seducer, I’m a salesman...I’m trying to get people to buy my message. I do have a message. I’m as corny as Kansas in August. I’m as high as a kite on the Fourth of July. That’s from South Pacific, but yeah, I do have a message …The meek will inherit the earth...So be nice to the meek. The old man spitting on the corner. The janitor cleaning up. The man behind the counter at the convenience store. Those are our people—that guy driving that truck—they make the world go. And, you know, the powerful and the wealthy, there’s a place for everybody, but don’t put the regular guy down. And that comes from me. I’m an ordinary guy living an extraordinary life, but I’m an ordinary guy. I’m not a fancy fellow."

“I indulge in wine, and I love vodka, I do...And I love scotch, you know. And I love weed. And I love women. And I do have, you know, those … Addiction is such an overused word. Addiction is just someone famous walking around the street. It’s so whacked out, but I think that there are certainly times that I use money to make me feel better.”

--Steve Guttenberg from a sprawling interview in yesterday's New York Observer


  1. "Who keeps back the electric car? Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?

    We do! We do!"

  2. He had to learn not to compare himself to Tom Cruise? I guess that leaves... no one who compares Steve Guttenburg to Tom Cruise.

    But I kid the Goot. I kid because I love. Long live the Goot and all who sail with him.