Thursday, July 17, 2008

People Who Look Like Superheroes (and their T-shirts)

Okay, this happened for the third time today, so a post was warranted.

So this morning I'm on the train, and spot this tall thin guy with black hair wearing a long red shirt and huge white goggle-looking glasses with a stripe across the center. My BF nudges me to get my attention. I say, without missing a beat, "I know, I know: Plastic Man."

Then as I am walking to work I see this kinda buff blond guy in shorts and an Aquaman T-shirt, and I'm like: "No wonder he's wearing that shirt. He looks exactly like Aquaman."

Finally, on my lunch break I spot this guy with brown hair that's sticking up, smoking outside of Home Depot with a semi-surly look on his face. What tee is he wearing? Wolverine, of course.

This all reminds me, in a very tangential way, to this really funny photo gallery in The Smoking Gun where they show mugshots of perps wearing ironic t-shirts.

Me? I love T-shirts with cool characters and stuff on them. So far I have:
* Two Charlie Browns
* Linus
* Firestar
* Iron Man
* Wonder Woman insignia
and many others I can't remember right now.


  1. Anonymous12:54 PM

    my collection:
    - 1 charlie brown
    - 4 flash (one with just logo)
    - 1 batman (logo only)
    - 1 superman (old fleisher bros logo)
    - 1 avengers
    - 1 captain america
    - 1 "making fiends"
    - 2 lone wolf & cub

    what i really want now:
    - allred "madman" t-shirt or
    - wagner "mage" t-shirt

    gosh, i've got more of these than i realized. i've got a thing for lightning-bolt wearing superheroes.

  2. Anonymous1:01 PM

    ... though i guess i don't look like any of those guys. i guess i'm pretty skinny, like the original wally west kid flash (best hero ever, best costume ever) :)

  3. I need some new t-shirts...the ones that still fit are all dark colors which I just can't do except on extremely frigid days. It sucks going to cons in my standard everydays...although I did rock my Evil Dead the last day of NYCC.

  4. Bruce Campbell holding a Guitar Hero controller and a Jaime Madrox design tee shirt with sewen in long sleeves.

  5. You may be onto something there, Occasional One. Reading this blog caught me wearing a black t-shirt with the "Approved by the Comic Code Authority" stamp on it. Who says this isn't the Marvel Age of Synchronous Simpatico?


  6. lessee... Sandman Shakespeare (on sale)
    Gaiman Punch
    Superman jersey
    Superman sweatshirt
    Hulk boxers
    DC AIDS Walk Tee of Plastic Man as ribbon (my fave, wish they'd market it)
    DC AIDS Walk of Young Justice
    DC AIDS Walk by Sergio Aragones (group scene walking along horizontal ribbon)

    Dunno which superhero I look like. Maybe Destruction (without the definition).

  7. One day I'll finally track down a Power Girl shirt, and it'll be HILARIOUS.

    (You haven't seen me since MoCCA, but I cut my hair, and if I do my hair right, I can rock a nice short-hair-PG look.)