Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Hayden Pantierre Did Between Signings At SDCC

Just had to share that with you this morning. Obviously a product placement ad for Purell.

Funnier "I'm so disgusted to be here" photo at this link.


  1. LOLZ! Cheerleaders still fear teh nerdz!

  2. She's only helping to breed a new super-strain of nerd cooties.

  3. Honestly, a little too much has been made of Hayden. If anything, she dragged the show down last season, though it was more boring than Secret Invasion overall anyway. Hopefully her whiny self gets a clue this time around.

  4. Mock if you want, but I wish I'd remembered my hand sanitizer when I went to Wiz Chicago this year! Instead, I came home with a nasty bug that morphed into a sinus infection.

  5. I love the backlash from the commenters..."she's not that hot blah blah blah."

    Puh-leeze....I'm not a hot blonde chick and *I* feel the need to disinfect myself after being at a convention. I'm sure no malice was intended on her part. :)

  6. Yeah, I didn't get a "happy to be there" vibe from her when I snagged an autograph for a colleague back during Novermber's Nationals in NYC.

  7. None of that Purell stuff for me. When I sign at cons, I'm going to have an open can of Coke out for everybody to share. Then everybody will spit on their palms before shaking hands.

    Yeah, that's really going to be awesome.

    (no, not really going to happen)

  8. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Maybe it's just because of that one week I worked at the porno shop (well, a regular video shop that was hanging along expressly on porn and kid's movies) but I've been addicted to Purell ever since.

    If I were her, I'd have a vat of it on the table and just immerse my hands ala that fight in RAMBO II (or HOT SHOTS PART DEUX, if you prefer).

  9. I'm of two minds here.

    On the one hand, I'm inclined to agree with MightyGodKing's assessment of life at a Con. An excerpt as regards to celebrities:

    You know the drill. Patronizing appearance by a Hollywood celebrity or six, all insisting that they love comics and that they were big nerds in high school, and how their favorite superhero when they were growing up was the Green Wolverine. (Memo to all nerds: even when Jessica Alba was seventeen, she still wouldn’t have talked to you.)

    On the other hand, just going by the sheer amount of people she probably had to deal with, can you blame her for wanting to clean up her hands a bit?

  10. I remember working at a video rental store when I was a teenager. Our porn tapes came in hot pink plastic cases. Sometimes they came back...icky. We were taught to just throw the cases in the sink at the back of the store and run hot steaming water on them. And then wash our hands with alcohol.

  11. I remember seeing a post from a popular webcomic artist a couple years back, indicating that he wasn't going to shake hands with people at conventions anymore. He always came home with some sort of cold or other illness, and it just wasn't worth it. I remember thinking, "Why doesn't he just get some hand sanitizer or something?"

    I did my student teaching in a 3rd grade classroom, and one of the first things my mentor teacher advised me was to wash my hands with antibacterial soap. She also had the big Costco-size hand sanitizer pump beside her desk. "Kids are germ factories," she said.

    I'm by no means a germiphobe, but if I had to shake hands with hundreds (or even thousands) of people a day, I'd probably be busting out the Purell also.

  12. my point wasn't to be hostile to her, but more to point out that what she does or doesn't do isn't overly relevant. the little kid who plays a techopath is a child prodigy who does piano concerts for charity - now that is something to write home about.

  13. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I think this is a tad silly. Hand-sanitizer is a convention staple. At NYCC they were giving it out for free. If anything the descrimination is against her. When some pudgy male inker uses hand sanitizer no one cares. But when the pretty celebrity girl uses it she's being all stuck up.

  14. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Lord, Valerie... one day, a customer (a squat middle-aged toad-like man with a sour demeanor) returned a DVD, and upon opening the case I saw a little... present in the corner by the disc.

    I showed it to the boss, who simply sighed in a manner befitting a person trampled by life and Netflix, gave it a squirt of windex, a quick wipe, and handed it back to shelve.

    To this day, I still regret not chasing down that customer and shoving the case in his nose. "HEY! YOU SEE THIS?! HUH?! NO! NO!!! BAD!!!"

    I went right back to working at the comic shop after that.

  15. That's a smart girl. I make sure to down Airborne before and while I'm at conventions. Being in a enclosed space with a bunch of unhygienic fanboys is conducive to catching the plague.

  16. Please, don't be offended. Remember, she didn't use this after shaking hands with you, she used this after shaking hands with that guy who mentioned while shaking hands with her that he was so excited to meet her that he wet himself right there in line.

    Or the guy who explained that he'd been up all night thinking about meeting her, and whose hands were unaccountably sticky.

    Or, you know, another one of that ten percent of people at cons that give the rest of us a bad name. :)

  17. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Val, you should have a big pile of coke at the table instead. Bring some of that decadent rock star style to comic book writing.

  18. "None of that Purell stuff for me. When I sign at cons, I'm going to have an open can of Coke out for everybody to share. Then everybody will spit on their palms before shaking hands."

    That's smart. Nothing can survive in Coke.