Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Facebook Tells Me I'm Fat

ad on my Facebook profile page with the tagline,
"34 Yr Old Female Overweight?"
(I'm 34)

Okay, I've just seen my third different "are you in your mid-thirties and overweight" ad on the sidebar of my Facebook profile. This is really starting to piss me off. What sort of "cookies" do they have to target me for these ads?

I'm serious -- three totally different ads with variations of the "in your thirties and need to lose weight" pitch, plus pictures of flabby stomachs:

So how are they targeting these ads? Telepathy? Are they hiring the people from those top-secret Russian psychic experiments as ad targeters for Facebook? Is that it?

Of course, these ads are rotated with "order all the food you want from the comfort of your home" ads:
/going to the gym after work, doesn't need this shit.


  1. Face book is sharing your info with their advertisers. ie: age, martial stats, etc;

  2. I've been getting the same ads - or, rather, the 28-year-old male version. I imagine they just check your birth year (which we both have in our profiles) and your sex (ditto), and feed you this ad based on that. I mean, the odds are pretty good that late-20's and early-30's people of either sex are going to have some body issues, right?

  3. ranma: "Face book is sharing your info with their advertisers. ie: age, martial stats, etc;"

    My martial stats? Then their advertisers know that I have a PhD in Kicking Ass, and am ABD in Taking Names.

  4. It keeps telling me that I want to know about Trisha Helfer's Peta calandar. No I don't!

  5. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Yeah, I get the "32 year old male overweight?" ad, despite the fact that I have listed "running" as one of my interests. Strangely enough, there is a link underneath where you can go view more ads. Please Facebook, hurl more paid insults my way.

  6. I get "31 and Gay?"
    and "31 and Single?"

    The worst was when I really had just broken up (though I never did any sort of status of single or not on Fbook), and I got

    "Just break up?"


  7. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Hey it could be worse. Spammers seem to think I'm fat with a tiny penis and mortgage problems.

  8. Apparently, I'm loosing my hair despite the fact that my pony tail now reaches the small of my back. Hooray selling profile information!

  9. That's pretty basic targeting based on your facebook info.

    I just checked your facebook page and it does clearly list your age in your profile by virtue of giving out your birthday and year.

    I think the advert is just assuming that everyone thinks of themselves as fat.

    Don't take it personally.

  10. You wrote female. All women want to lose weight, it's our highest goal. Stop wasting time on Facebook and develop an attractive eating disorder! Oh, wait. Then you wouldn't see the ad, would you?

  11. I get ads from KnitPicks almost exclusively. Add knitting to your interests!

  12. Crap I got the one where I am in need of male "enhancement" balding fat and unemployed and have bad credit!!!

    My wife says this ISN'T so!

    Who is lieing!?!

    I'm so confused!!! (ok the confused part may be right!)


  13. Nine out of the ten ads I see every time I'm on Facebook are of the "19 and fat? Find out how I lost the pounds!" variety. The others are about how I ought to buy more comic books. Thankfully the fact that I listed no orientation means that I bypass the "19 and single?" ones.

  14. I expect for the full duration of my Facebook-using years I will be getting "(age) and overweight?" ads chasing me. I am a human being living in western society. I had better bloody want to lose weight or a load of magazines, gyms, beauty product manufacturers and other business are going to have me rubbed out.

    I wonder - if I change my age on facebook to 100 will I get "100 and overweight?" ads, or will Facebook not allow that because of all their anti silly-buggers scripts? This all just reminds me of the problems I had with Facebook to begin with.