Tuesday, July 01, 2008

RE: Keeping Batman Year 100 Out Of "Best American Comics"

Article here.

My thoughts: good God!

What did DC's "one line formal refusal letter" referred to by Paul Pope say?

"Our Comix Iz Not Art, They R Licensing Cash Cow"

Remember back when they had this:

Could you have something like that now with DC characters? I would think the inclusion of work like Pope's "Batman Year 100" in a prestigious mainstream collection would only help DC and sales of the trade paperback. This sends a message to other publishers who might want to approach DC for similar "best of" collections -- and a message to other comic creators how their work is handled when such requests are made.


Holy Missed Opportunity, Batman!

(just had to say it)


  1. Oh noez why do u hate dc so?! *flail*

    What a boneheaded decision on the company's part, sheesus.

  2. WHAT. I always assumed "Best American Comics" was crummy middle-brow that snubbed capes for self-loathing biopics, but DC is just as much to blame? Not that I'm a Batman Year 100 fan, but SHEESH.

  3. Makes you wonder about those "honorable mentions" in the back of the book...

    I just hope DC revives the old tradition of issuing "Best Of" collections. And backdating the volumes by collecting award winners and nominees.

    Of course, if you read the original article, not only is Pope's Batman not in the book, but an alternative Pope selection was omitted because of time constraints.

  4. This whole mess did get me to finally buy 'Batman: Year 100' at a local used book store. So at least somebody made a buck from it. I'm inclined to agree that DC is being silly though.

  5. i.. er.. what?
    is dc just trying to get a bad rep. these days?

    batman year 100 is one of my favourite batman stories, and pope's art is amazing. i can't believe they won't let it in.

  6. Anonymous8:46 AM

    DC is too big to worry for the credit and prestige of including a comics in the book and they certainly are not there to serve the public.

  7. Probably something to do with it coming out in 2006.