Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Wonder Women Of America" Cosplay Book

Not able to attend San Diego Comic Con this year but jonesing for your fix of women dressed as comic book superheroes? "Wonder Women Of America" is an upcoming book featuring nothing but pictures of women dressed as superheroines from last year's SDCC.

From the website:

"If you’ve been to the San Diego Comic Con, you’ve seen all those women dressed in sexy super-heroine costumes. Now you can take them home with you! Wonder Women Of America, a great new book by Amos Toys’ co-founder Russell Waterman and photographer Ruth Wiggins, celebrates how women at Comic Con choose to express themselves, their interests, their freedom and their sexuality by dressing up as fictional characters."

You can purchase a copy of this book at -- you guessed it, this year's San Diego Comic Con! Which kind of defeats the purpose of the first sentence of this post, but there you go.


  1. I get the whole point of expressing their interests, etc, etc. but expressing their freedom? did I miss something about American culture. because here in Chicago, unless they belong to some orthodox religion, women appear to be wearing in good or bad taste, whatever the heck they want. just saying.

  2. Well if nothing else, I'm sure someone out there will eventually scan the book and make it available on the Internet...

  3. Sweet, pink Vader!

  4. I take back some of my negative comments made here in Japan about the quality of American cosplay. Those are some excellent costumes. Lots of craft.

    Also the woman dressed as Classic Leia looks like a cross between Amelie and Bjork. Which is also a good thing.

    But Otis- they are expressing their freedom more than they would be in just street clothes. They're liberating themselves from the mundanity of everyday appearance, embracing alternate selves. That's part of what cosplay is all about. To my mind, secondary from the simple fun of dress-up, but still an element.

    That's freedom. Freedom of total self-expression and creativity.

  5. lol, this pic is funny :)