Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pamela Anderson Was Original Scully Pick

...and the Earths diverged from that point, creating "Earth Pam" and "Earth Prime."

Gillian Anderson says:
"They were looking for someone bustier, taller, leggier than me."

Which means that "conventional wisdom" -- not always right.

Side note: I always thought Pam Anderson was far prettier without all that Barbie makeup:

I felt the same way about Suzanne Somers in her prime, these are blonds who didn't need such harsh makeup to look pretty.


  1. Pam Anderson's work on V.I.P. was outstanding. The X-Files would have been a stretch.

    By the way, now that you are moving on up with your great new gig, should we start addressing you as Madam Val, Ms. Val, Mistress Val, or Lady Val. :) I just want to mind my ps and qs.

  2. Hi Otis, "Val" is still ok. I might also decide to be called "Funky Winkerbean," but there are some copyright issues there.

  3. I always considered Pam Anderson's make-up to be a mask of sorts. It was a character she put on, and I enjoyed the way she played that character. I always assumed that she was much brighter than she portrayed herself as, because it takes a lot of talent to be an airhead in a funny way (a la Jennifer Cooledge).

    But after years of watching her train-wreck of a personal life, I have begun to think that she might not be as smart as I assume. Going back to the guy who gave you Hepatitis and beat you up a few times isn't a sign of a major mind at work. Either is dating Kid Rock.

  4. For my money, she was also more attractive before she got, uhm, augmented.

  5. You can be smart and still date jerks. Just sayin'.

    I agree...suzanne sommers looked ridiculous with the raccoon makeup. Why did they do that??