Friday, July 04, 2008

Top Ten Partners Of Captain America

To celebrate Independence Day, we're giving you the top ten partners (official and unofficial) of Captain America.

10. Paladin

9. D-Man

8. Diamondback

7. Hawkeye

6. Black Widow

5. Battlestar

4. Nomad

3. Sharon Carter

2. Falcon

1. Bucky

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  1. Bucky was great, but my fave out of that bunch is Hawkeye. He really goes out of his way to try Cap's patience. There's something really enjoyable about the friction between those two.

    Maybe it's the friction between those two.

  2. Good gravy, Val -- How does Hawkeye lose out to Battlestar? I mean, I find Nomad debatable myself, but BATTLESTAR?


  3. I thought the criminal trying to reform herself in Diamondback was far more interesting that any of those cookie-cutter hero sidekicks any day. She'd have been a lot higher on the list in my book.

  4. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Top Ten Writers of Captain America:

    1) Mark Gruenwald
    2) ...everybody else.

    Seriously, though...D-Man and Diamondback deserve higher rankings than THIS.

  5. Anonymous2:25 PM

    I'm a little flummoxed by Natasha even being on the list -- when did that happen? I mean, aside from being one of the Avengers.

    And man, you can really see the barrel-scraping at the bottom of that list. I mean, Paladin's one step up from the fabulous Frog-Man. I'd maybe give that spot to Batroc ze Lepair, who surely has teamed up with Cap about as many times as that guy did, and is infinitely cooler.

    I do like how D-Man is apparently giving himself the underarm smell test in his pic, however. I don't think he'll like what he finds.

  6. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Seconded, rotsman.

  7. Yeah, wait- I mean, it's bad enough that Nomad outranks Hawkeye and Diamondback (and maybe even D-Man), but BATTLESTAR outranking them just blows my mind.

  8. I *heart* Battlestar. He was awesome teaming up with John Walker!

  9. I'd put Falcon over Bucky, and I'm not just being PC. He was with him longer and I also think he's more important socially. I think it was something of a bold move by Marvel at the time.

    And Disco heroes rule.