Friday, July 18, 2008

To The Person Who Donated $70 To The Site In July

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was going through my (tiny) funds for San Diego, and I was like: OMG!

Really, I do very much appreciate it, and it really really helps.


  1. Oh you're welcome!

    Ok, it wasn't me.

  2. "SPY VS SPY
    Valerie D'Orazio, my favourite blogger, author of "Occasional Superheroine" and "Goodbye To Comics," looks like she'll be more firmly entrenched in comics than ever.
    She's writing a new series for Marvel Comics. Featuring a fan-favourite duo. And it’ll be announced in San Diego.
    Regular LITG readers may be able to work it out for themselves from recent columns.
    Those who can’t should repeatedly hit themselves over the head with a Cylon Toaster until their brain cells shake loose.
    People are going to squee."


    cloak and dagger? :D I'm sold.