Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Last Minute To San Diego Again?

Flashback to last year:
"Honey, next year I'm definitely NOT doing this last-minute again. We're going to book our hotel room early, I'm gonna get my tickets early, everything early."

This year:
"Oh God. Oh God...oh God."

I might have to pop into SDCC for a day this year, maybe two. This wasn't planned, but you know what they say: planning is for the weak. True adventurers throw their fates to the wind and sleep on friend's floors.

But if I indeed go, I have vowed to visit the zoo. As I said last year: "On one day I'm just going to visit the zoo and cultural places of interest. No comics."

I will know by the end of the week if I'm really going or not. But, really scrambling here. And have to break up my vacation because originally I was slated to go to Tampa and see my newborn nephew. So it'll be like: "Hellooooo San Diego! Goodbyeeeee San Diego! Hellooooooo Nephew!" But I can buy my nephew that Fin Fang Foom SDCC exclusive set of Marvel Legends action figures, so it's all going to work out.

I'll take pictures, don't worry. And don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be going. But next year -- screw next year, in September, I'm going to book my hotel, my tickets, have my registration ready, everything. Seriously. You can hold me to it.

UPDATE: Yes, I am definitely going to SDCC now. My thanks to all who did the scramble. I think it shall be worth it.


  1. Good luck! Yikes!

  2. Bobby and Danna wanna visit the zoo too. Me, not so much, but I'll tag along if everyone's going. Anyway, if you want some company, let us know when you're going.


  3. You know, I see those "sold out" blurbs for each day at the Comic Con website, and I just think "Thank God I'm not going into that circus this year". I did the Con in 03, 05, and one day last summer (during a family vacation to San Diego. See the zoo. Highly recommended), and I think I can stay away from that place for a good long time before I ever get the temptation to go back. The experience definitely degrades over multiple visits.

  4. "Anyway, if you want some company, let us know when you're going."

    Hey Peter, I'll definitely let you guys know. It would be more fun to visit those places with friends.

  5. ""Thank God I'm not going into that circus this year""

    I hear you. I attended all four days plus preview day last year, and spent a large part of that on the floor shooting video for a company. It was just too overwhelming. I think 2 days is my maximum.

  6. I'm going all four day (plus preview night). Now you guy have got me scared!

  7. "I'm going all four day (plus preview night). Now you guy have got me scared!"

    no, no, no --

    you're going to have a great time.

    But you really need to pace yourself, and I'd really suggest you make one day partially or wholly "comics free" and go to the zoo, go to parks, nice restaurants, etc. Just to break things up.

  8. hmmm, methinks maybe I should have an impromptu "Occasional Superheroine" blog meetup thingie one of the days I'm there...

  9. Oh, if the meetup thingie happens, do keep me posted, please?

  10. Yeah, do this while you're young and energetic. Take some risks, see some sights, take in the zoo, buy Fin Fang Foom, cross the nation and drop in on family.

    Sounds like a blast!

  11. I'd be up for a possible meetup, schedule willing.

    Oh, and my wife has already scheduled some zoo time for while we're there. Sunday will be our zoo day.

  12. Things to do while in San Diego that don't have anything to do with comics:
    In-N-Out Burger
    In-N-Out Burger
    Sea World
    In-N Out Burger
    There's also a great chain restaurant called Claim Jumper. Stay the hell away from the restaurants downtown. They're crowded and overpriced.

    We booked last minute this year, too. You're not alone.

  13. If any downtown restaurant is worth the crowding, it'd be Pokez, on 10th St. It's a bit of a hike from SDCC, but the selection's pretty good and it's a refreshing change from the yuppiefied atmosphere around it.

  14. "LegoLand"


    ZOMG, even!

  15. Yes, we usually take a day for a "non-comic" thing. We are planning on doing the Zoo again this year. We've done the zoo, the wild animal park (very cool) and a baseball game (they are away this year).

    We're thinking Sunday is a good day for this since it's kids day and usually everything good is gone by then.

    There are some good restaurants downtown. I really liked Croce's - it's kind of expensive but worth it.

  16. The Zoo is great, but the Wild Animal Park is even better.

  17. See, this is among the many things that suck about having grown up in San Diego. I'm long past excitement about the zoo, and not staying on my uncle's floor would be a huge waste of money. I'm bummed I'm not going, but for less exciting reasons.