Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cloak and Dagger Media Round-Up

Oh, God, here starts the pimping...

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My take on the general reaction to the announcement: I think it's generally pretty positive, with the requisite amount of skeptics.

I think the skepticism on the part of some people is fine. I'm just going to do the best I can do with this book. I know if you've been a C&D fan for 20 years you want the best for these characters. I want the best for these characters. I like Tyrone and Tandy very much. I want them to be happy. And I want them to grow. And I want you all to really get to know them, because they are really interesting and complex people.

As for the manga issue -- I never approached this project as specifically a manga. I approached C&D and the issue of who the artist would be organically, in terms of what would be best for the story. I was discussing with a peer the basic idea for Cloak and Dagger and he said, "Irene would be perfect for this." And I looked at her samples and thought they were gorgeous and I thought it fit. And I asked her for some sketches for a pitch, and she was generous enough to provide me with a whole stack of them; the art at the beginning of this post being one of them. To provide a writer she barely knows so much art on spec required a big leap of faith on her part; one I was very grateful for.

Also, Irene's sequential art is amazing. There is a sense of action in her comic book pages -- pushing and pulling, sweetness and menace -- that is fantastic. If you take a look at her work in TOKYOPOP's "Mark Of The Succubus" you'll see that it has an edge. She's not afraid to "go there." But she also has a great grasp of giving her characters humanity. A great grasp on emotion and timing. And I'm very excited to be working with her on this book.

Anyway, that's it for now on the pimpage. My BF is sooooo much better with the toutage and the promotage than I am. I mean, I like pimping other people's stuff -- in fact, that's my job -- but I feel sorta weird when I have to do it for myself. But I'm gonna have to. :-)


  1. I've always loved Cloak and Dagger, and a manga-esque take on them sounds intriguing.... I'm definitely checking this out.

  2. Don't worry, we shall pimp for you! Irene's work is amazing. I think it's a great fit. Can't wait to get issues in hand.

  3. I for one want to see how it goes-- they are two characters vastly under-used!

  4. I, for one, think you are clearly evil!


  5. When I close my eyes and think Cloak and Dagger the image in my mind looks almost exactly like that on pic you have there of them together. Dagger's white suit against that deep purple. Dagger always had a unique look that in restrospect seems manga. Of course, back in the day, I had no knowledge of manga. I just knew that the way they drew that frail skinny long armed girl was different than the other girls in
    Spectacular Spider-Man. I guess what I'm trying to say is, they can call it manga or whatever but I think it looks just right.

  6. I love the pic. The colours and mood are ethereal.

    I don't know a lot about the characters but that is a good thing right?

    You will enlighten me...


  7. My first thought when seeing the artwork was to wonder if she did commissioned sketches. I got the sketch bug at the last NYCC and thought to myself that is one seriously nice looking Cloak and Dagger.

    I'm looking forward to the series. Considering Marvel has held off doing anything serious with the characters for years, saying they were waiting for the right pitch, you obviously must have come up with something good to get them to change their minds.

  8. dont worry, ive pimped it on a few boards as well. :)

  9. Anonymous5:35 PM

    I'm curious as to whether them being in an interracial relationship will be a point of interest. Or whether it will instead just be taken for granted as it seems to have been in the past.

  10. That's some really lovely colouring and lines in that art you know. I am no longer dubious about the manga art, and am getting very very excited about the mini.
    That art flows, I can see the motion and I can see the personalities. Dagger looks joyful Please pass on my compliments to Irene, or you knwo, generic my readers think you're awesome noises! :)

  11. I think people are looking at the picture from Runaways and thinking Dagger is going to be 13.

    Good luck, take heart that with even the tiniest amount of plot it will be better than Secret Invasion.

  12. I think the manga-esque style is a good idea. Manga is incredibly popular right now, it's a very influential style, and it's bound to appeal to kids more than a more...oh, let's say "Neal Adams-y" look. :)

    *crosses fingers that he'll be able to afford this* :)

  13. no shame in pimping something of your own that's this awesome.
    i'm looking forward to seeing it.

  14. Val, this is awesome news! I haven't bought a comic book in many years, but I might have to break my long drought to get this series. Curious to see your take on C&D. Way to go!

  15. Pimp away, pimp away! It's your show. Enjoy it for all it's worth, really wring every ounce of enjoyment out of it you can.

    I'm not familiar with Irene Flores, but looking at her site she's one helluva artist. Gorgeous line work, more plausible body proportions than many working in that style, a very appealing line. Her characters are pretty but have weight. She seems an ideal match. People need to get over the "manga" aspect. She's excellent.

    I wish they had put her or a close clone on the new Batgirl mini. But then she wouldn't be available to work with you and that would definitely be a shame.

    People are getting worried you might cause them to buy something from Marvel... now I'm getting that feeling too. To be honest, it was dependent on the artist to put it over the top for me. Now I definitely want to see what you two cook up. I want to see Irene's drawings acting out your words.

  16. Val, if you haven't already, you may wish to check out Willow's open letter to you on her blog Seeking Avalon.

  17. I'll buy this. So does this mean that you and the BF will now have regular knife-fights over which is better: webcomics or print comics?

  18. I read about your working on C&D earlier today on Newsarama. I thought I was looking at old news, as I figured you'd report on your involvement first. I'm very excited about this, as C&D was one of the first books I followed issue to issue as a kid. If the writing on your blog(s) is any indication, I'm sure you'll do the C&D fans proud. Can't wait!

  19. I can relate on the self-pitching part. I can pitch anyone else's stories without a problem, sell them to readers. My own? I let them quietly slip under the radar.

    However, your blog posts are doing an adequate job and I'm looking forward to the book. C&D have had some good (and a ton of bad) moments in the bunch of comics I have with them.

  20. Aside from these engaging blog posts, I haven't read anything of yours. I'm looking forward to this.

    Runaways and the collection of New Mutants Classic have been pretty much my only exposure to the Cloak and Dagger characters. I'm definitely interested in learning more about them.

  21. Cool! I'll be on the lookout for this. Though I wouldn't complain to see Dagger's costume tweaked to be less uhm... fleshy?

  22. I'm one of those skeptics. HUGE HUGE Cloak and Dagger fan, but not really into the manga stuff. I'm an artist too, I think I'm just jealous of everyone who's drawn Cloak and Dagger professionally. Dan Lawlis, June Brigman, Kerry Gammill... I HATE YOU ALL!!! :)

    Good luck though, I'll be watching...

  23. In a world where I have the option of spending $4 on a comic or on a gallon of gas to get me to work and back, I will gratefully buy a D'orazio/Flores C+D book.

    Thank you, thank you.

    Love your thoughts and am glad to find someone so similarly outspoken on gender and BS.