Sunday, December 02, 2007

Occasional Links: The Jack's Back Edition

I still like Jack...

Best Butt Forward

Lady, That's My Skull thinks that this Mary Marvel pose from Countdown #22 is bit exploitative. Well, I don't know about that, but...


It's Beyond Me

Hey, if you had an appearance by this fellow in the latest Countdown...

...would you put Bea Arthur on the cover? I'm just asking.

Hey, He's F**king Batman!

Kevin Smith agrees with the idea of casting relative unknowns in the new JLA movie:

"It’s not like you can put Brad Pitt in it and he’s gonna be more important than f**king Batman. Or Superman. Like the characters themselves are the f**king stars of that movie."

His pick for the casting of Batman?

Michael Keaton. Because he's F**king Batman.

Assorted Bits...

Comic Mix points out on the Suicide Girl website what might be considered the original Suicide Girl...

You might want to chase that with The Largest Bottle Of Wine In The World...

Keep up with all the arcane intricacies of the Dark Knight viral marketing campaign at Superhero Hype...

Ben Affleck & James Gandolfini's Surviving Christmas rated #1 worst holiday movie of all time by Entertainment Weekly...oh c'mon, how bad can it be?

Honey? Are you reading this? I know you didn't want to see "Christmas With The Kranks" the other night, but this might be a good one...


The Best Superhero Toys In The Universe

You can keep your DC Direct & Marvel Universe action figures...

The best superhero toys in the world were made by Mego.

TwoMorrows Publishing is offering a free 32-page preview of their magnum opus on all things Mego, Mego 8-inch Super-Heroes Worlds Greatest Toys.

But for me the most awesome Megos are the wacky overseas editions, such as faux Robin...

...and crappy Spidey


Just add Yakkity-Sax!

Video: Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. Simply wrong.


  1. While I will not defend the butt shot of Mary Marvel, I did raise an eyebrow to the fact that they look like full panties instead of a thong.

  2. So, turning their comics into Tijuana bibles is DC's new strategy?

  3. The people at TwoMorrows are just some of my favorite people in the world and their look at Megos only solidifies this idea.

    Also, adding "Yakety Sax" to The Shining really makes Jack seem much more relentless for some reason. He just won't stop chopping down doors... and it's hilarious!