Sunday, December 16, 2007

Old Sexeh, New Sexeh

My old idea/goal of being teh sexeh:

My new idea/goal of being teh sexeh:

One drop acceptance, two drops age, and a dash of common sense. Also, I had to cut wearing the contacts down to a minimum, they're giving me teh eye fungus.

And Converse are very comfy on my feets. I'm a 9 wide.


  1. i would read all-star tina fey like WOAH. we made nancy drews/hardy boys last night in honor of the 30 rock. & wait, tina fey judged iron chef? WHY DON'T PEOPLE TELL ME THESE THINGS?

  2. Don't tell my girlfriend, but I'm kinda in love with Tina Fey

  3. I am torn on Tina Fey.

    On the one level, she is scorchingly nerd-hot, megaton sexy.

    On another level, she is about as funny as a bag fulla soup cans. Good Lord, that dry hipster fake-quirky "LA LA LA LA LA, I'M SO IRONIC!" thing wasn't even funny back when it was supposed to be funny.

    On a third level, I choose to believe that she got her Heidelberg dueling scar in the same fight that the original GI Joe toy from the sixties did.

    So hot, so not funny.

    I feel pretty much the same way about Rachel Ray.

    Especially when she was younger, sooooo hot, so ridiculously hot.

    And so annoying. God, how annoying.

  4. On the other hand, Milla beats the crap out of zombies.

  5. Tina Fey = UberHot

  6. Oh, come on, can't we make room for both?

    At the same time?

  7. see, mike...i DON'T read her as hipster ironic. i think her genuine level of actual geekery is what the "so over it" crowd are aping.

  8. Yeah, I'll join the choir... there's room enough for both kinds of hotness, and a wealth of others. Just not Rachael Ray. Wha huh?!?

  9. For my tastes, Rachel Ray is still ridiculously hot. I like curvier women and I like her whole down to Earth image. I think she's one of the hottest women in pop culture.

    Tina Fey...I agree with everything Mike said. Scorchingly nerd hot, but soooooooooooo painfully not funny. I think I'm also annoyed at how she always comes off like she thinks she's a comedic genius while telling the world's worst jokes ever.

    But long story short...looking like Tina Fey or Rachel Ray is certainly a good thing in my book.

  10. I hope the strike goes on long enough for Tina to have to find other work so she writes a comic book. Would her talents be suited for that?

    Im'a give you some real advice right now: Converse are not good for you. Converse give no arch support. Does your back hurt? That's why. Adidas Rod Lavers look more awesome anyways, if less Ramones-like.

  11. kenny, I'm opposed to Rachael Ray's being, not the latest form Legion has assumed. I'm still depressed Thora Birch dropped her weight from "Ghost World." Curves work.