Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One Collector's Plea: More Sexy Female Action Figures!

From a conversation on the action figure message board The Fwoosh comes one stalwart collector's opinion on the relative merits of the Marvel Legends line:
No female figure in the ML line, is realistically sexy, in my opinion.

I few days ago I saw a figure of Elseworld Supergirl from DC direct and I notice that the sculpt of the torso area is impressive, for a 6 incher. It has all the elements of sexiness, at least in the comic book context.

1. Big boobs (this should be a no brainer)
2. Small waistline (ditto)
3. Defined abs (thought not very muscular)
4. Big and tilted hips.

I was wondering if the torso articulation in female MLs is the key factor in preventing them from becoming sexy. Well, if we can consider a non articulated Face Off Hulk to still be the best Hulk figure, then maybe we can tolerate (or even prefer) a non torso articulated female.

Well, articulation or not in the torso area, I noticed that no female character in ML is sculpted to be sexy.

Now that Hasbro is going full swing on the 12 inch Icons line, isn't it ironic that the Jean Grey that we saw is even flat chested? Should she be more defined now that she is in 12 inches?


  1. Who's the headless bust?

  2. Excellent photo choice. Stewart always knows how sum things up so eloquently. :)

  3. @mcbangle

    BLOB, bust part of build a figure toy line

  4. I'm right there with you, Jean-Luc.

  5. You have got to be kidding me.

    I'll sum up what he's really saying:

    "Curses at Hasbro for not providing a suitable alternative for my lack of a fuctioning social life."

  6. I agree with everything you say, but consider your source. The Fwoosh has a *ton* of really nice people, but like any community, there are a few rotten apples to ruin it. Also, about half the forum are young teenagers, and wrong as it may be, young teenage men have certain preconceived notions about the female form.

  7. Yeah, Picard might act like he's all ashamed of the guy, but you know he's been in the Captain's Quarters bidding on the Sexy-Bra-and-Panties Padme...

    (My reasoning on why you'd buy such a figure: It saves you having to write a suicide note. When the cops find a Sexy-Bra-and-Panties Padme figure next to your corpse, they'll know you've hit rock bottom as a human being...)

  8. All I hear is "Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me."

  9. Ahh..Fwoosh. My online-home away from home.

    Like Kenny said, there's some great people there, but threads like that always make me uncomfortable.

    Ever ventured into the bar area there? It's gets downright pathetic:

  10. Well, I have a hard time calling anything sexy when it comes with a piece of The Blob.

  11. "realistically sexy" might just pull up from behind at the end of the year and beat out all the competition for 'Dumbest Oxymoron of 2007'.

    That will be pretty impressive if he managed to out oxymoron the President.

  12. >"realistically sexy" might just pull up from behind at the end of the year and beat out all the competition for 'Dumbest Oxymoron of 2007'.<

    How is 'realistically sexy' an oxymoron? Everyday romance confounds it as a paradox.

  13. In the context of using unrealistic propotions governed by comic book art, it becomes oxymoronic.. or just plain moronic.