Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Follow-Up: "Oh No, They're Sneaking Teh Gay Into My Comic Book!"

The blogger who inspired my post "Oh No, They're Sneaking Teh Gay Into My Comic Book!" reflects on the controversy:

"In case you missed it, the Pink Crowd found my post last week about Frenchie's orientation."

The Pink Crowd.

The Pink Crowd?

Teh Pink Crowd:


  1. He's being assaulted by the one-one-hundredth of one percent of the vocal one-percent of ten-to-fifteen of the population who dig the same sex AND talk publicly about it AND would also be interested in comic books!

    Heaven forfend, y'know, he's overwhelmed! haha.

    Anyway, always good to see Frankenberry. Reminds me of my favourite cereal, Monster Mash.

    One-third Chocula, one-third Frankenberry, one-third Boo Berry, one hundred percent Awesome.

  2. The power of the Pink is insidious.

    Notice that apple jacks are both pink and green, yet the milk left over is always PINK. The pink crowd has the power to push it's agenda over everything, and spoil the milk of comics! And there is STILL no way a guy called Frenchie could ever have been light in the pants...

  3. What, no love for Fruit Brute?

  4. I am either too young or from the wrong parts of the country for Fruit Brute.

    I was of cereal-age near Albany, NY in the 1980s and there was no Fruit Brute.

  5. Gotcha. Pretty sure the Brute was a staple of my 70s-centric commercial viewing habits.

  6. In other news, Frankenberry looks like a total homo.

  7. I poked around his blog a bit: He actually enjoys ASBAR. As in, he's actually entertained by it, and not in the way everyone else is entertained by how terrible it is. But actually entertained.

  8. I hate to say this...

    ...but the Frenchy thing was a bit off-putting.

    I spent the last two weeks reading the Essential Moon Knight books, and I decided to try the new series. When I came to the bit about Frenchy and his partner, I found it strange. Hadn't I seen Frenchy pour his heart and soul to Isabelle in issue 11 of the first series? In fact, I wasn't wrong. Here's the dialog:

    "[It's been] a long time, Isabelle...many nights...each of them filled with dreams of your face. TOO long, Isabelle..."

    "As Marc already knows, Marlene...Isabelle and I were once lovers in France. Like all such lovers, we felt uniquely blessed. We had been granted the magic of two souls in perfect union...and the magic was like a sweet, silent music that hummed around us always. It was a magic which could never be broken, never be denied, never lost or forgotten...until the day she left without a word."

    Note- in both scenes, Marc Spector, Moon Knight, is present for this dialog.

    Here's the dialog from issue 3, after Frenchy has told Marc of his current relationship:

    "You really did not know? Other people knew...Women?...Well, just because I can cook an omelette does not make me a chef. But most of them wear beards...The dashing French pilot and bodyguard of millionaire Steven Grant?...An ornament like Rob was NOT what was expected to be found dangling from my arm...Every day...I told you with my TRUST. With my LIFE. With the hundreds of times I risked my LIFE for you. For your CAUSE. Your...GOD. Told you when your BROTHER took my legs. Told you time and again...that I loved you."

    Now, I've seen formerly married men take male partners later in life. Hell, it happened in comics before- Larry of Tim Barela's Leonard and Larry was married and had a son long before he met Leonard, the true love of his life.

    But the implication of the scene in Moon Knight is that Marc Spector was too busy playing Moon Knight to notice his best friend's sexuality. And this scene takes up half the issue. For this to be plausible, for the reader to believe that Frenchy was gay during the previous series (all five of them, over 110 issues worth plus plenty of Hulk magazine appearances), you need a scene that has more than a quip about omelettes.

    I'm not excusing the blogger you're referencing- as I like to say, he's got issues, and his issues have issues. But that issue of Moon Knight wasn't written well. I would have liked to have seen more to that scene, a flashback or two, some better dialog and body language to really pull off the scene. We didn't get it.

  9. You know what bothers me? The negroes! I know those people are born into their darkie lifestyle, but does that mean we have to have colored variations on Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, and even the Martian Manhunter shoved under our collective noses? I mean really-- black Martians?!? Thank GOD the Afrocentrics in the Batman family know their place-- on the sidelines with Orpheus, Black Spider, Onyx, and so on...

    ...but y'know, that whole Captain America freaking out over Bucky's death for twenty years thing? Total ass-pirates. It's in-continuity. Red, white and blue chocolate starfish after a few bottles of wine, I tell you! Stick that noodle in your "hat" and call it macaroni!

  10. i love the frankenberry episode of drawn together where capn crunch wants to see waldorf's giant cock.

    the pink crowd? ha, what a douche bag.

    he seriously doesnt get it. is midnighter in the "pink crowd"???

    my favorite response ever to the bullshit about gays in comics:

    2. Just read all your Ultimate x-men, bought them online, whats with you introducing gay characters?? Did you feel like the ultimate u. was lacking in the guy-on-guy action department?

    ***As long as this question needs to be asked, I'll continue introducing "gay characters."

    -Brian K Vaughan

  11. You got your ghey in my comic book!

    You got your comic book in my ghey!

    Two great tastes that taste great together: New Hershey's Superghey. Pinker and prouder than previous.

  12. Pink. Hey, wait-- I'm pink. I presume the writer is brown, then.

    But at least I'm not pink in the eyes of "Bob".

  13. Guy cracks me up...

    Be sure and check out the World's Gayest Comic Magazine...

  14. Hey, for a Amuro Namie video here in Japan they created a female Pink Panther. I guess she's Namie's pink avatar. The video's for a song called "Wo Wa," and it has the most insistent beat of any song I can remember- once it starts it doesn't stop until the song has been put to bed.

    And neither does the whistling and dancing on roller skates.

    It's a sad world when people can't handle the pink, especially if its Amuro Namie-style pink.

  15. It's one thing to object to a character suddenly being changed with no prior clue.

    It's another to then go on to complain about that characteristic being "snuck" into your comic books (and presumably other media), and how "bad" that is.

    Epic fail.