Thursday, December 20, 2007

Poll: Which One Of These Is The New Captain America?

Marvel has officially announced six (count 'em SIX) candidates to fill in ol' Wing Head's boots. Vote in the poll to the right to make your choice heard. I mean, not that Marvel is going to change who it is just because you said so. I mean, the story is probably already written, even pencilled! But at least you will have enjoyed the thrill which is participating in a poll. And really, isn't that what America is all about?


  1. You throw Colbert in there and all of a sudden my rock-hard certainty begins to waver. Because Marvel just might be able to pull that one off.

  2. My money's on Batroc ze Leaper

  3. I'm afraid that the industry is so perverted that Marvel will make the Red Skull take up the mantle.

    Reason # 44494949 I no longer buy comics.

  4. Cahmahn. They might as well just come right out and say it with that many fire engine red herrings for choices.

    USAgent. They're not going back to the past.

    Iron Man. Already has his own book.

    Hawkeye. Hasn't been in Brubaker's run.

    Red Skull. That'd convince people even further that Rogers' death is a ruse.

    Union Jack. The commute would be a bitch.

    I mean cahmahn. No mystery here.

  5. I never get people who don't buy comics but comment on comic blogs.

    Also, Red Skull would be SUCH a curve ball that if they did it? I'd have to actually read it. I mean, WHAT. AWESOME. & he could be Tony Stark's BFF!

  6. Who's Cahmahn?

    And since when did Union Jack start dressing up like Wild Dog?

    That being said, I'll be boring and predictable and say it's Bucky.

    But I'm really rooting for Jimmy Woo.

  7. It was probably meant as an emphatc and derisive "C'mon" as in "Stop pulling my leg." Say It out loud: "Cah maaaaahhhhn."

  8. I don't read comics anymore (Essentials, Showcase Presents, and Marvel Adventures aside), but I still like reading Valerie's columns, and they do spark opinions in my brain. So I comment. (I don't know if that's why Mike Sawin does it too, though.)

    Anyhow, it doesn't matter, because whoever the new Cap is, he's going to be Cap until the end of this storyline, and no longer. Brubaker will never convince me that Cap is dead until the new Cap defeats the Red Skull. As long as he's still doing his Red Skull plotline, no matter how long he,, I will expect it to end with Steve coming back and doing his righteous thing. The number of issues he's left Cap dead for is meaningless.

  9. Isn't it obvious? There's only one canidate who has an inner integrity and character that truely embodies everything America stands for......... Deadpool. XD

  10. And since when did Union Jack start dressing up like Wild Dog?

    In the short-lived modern Invaders series from a couple of years back. Thankfully, he's back in the classic uniform.

  11. gee I was going for falcon to be cap.

    well i'm going to be falcon wrong.

  12. "It was probably meant as an emphatc and derisive "C'mon" as in "Stop pulling my leg." Say It out loud: "Cah maaaaahhhhn."

    Yep. A simple c'mon just wouldn't do here.

    Anyway, FWIW, I'm not so convinced that Brubaker isn't intending this to be a real replacement. I mean, he's done most of his work at DC, where the legacy model is in full effect. So Bucky-as-Cap may be here to stay as long as it sells. Kyle Rayner, minus HEAT.

    But yeah, either way, Steve Rogers will be back someday. I don't think the legacy concept holds up as well in the Marvel Universe; the fact that their continuity has been largely unbroken over the decades means that people become more attached to one particular version of a character.

  13. I don't think Brubaker intends this to be a permanent replacement, because he's too good of a writer. He really understands the character of the Red Skull, and anyone who's writing the Red Skull well understands that he's never going to kill Cap and then start his big plan to destroy America. His goal isn't "destroy America", it's "destroy America while Captain America watches". Without Steve Rogers to witness it, the whole thing is meaningless.

    And Brubaker, I think, gets all that. So he's got something up his sleeve.

  14. I was also sort of rooting for Falcon Cap.

  15. The Red Skull is currently inhabiting the body of Aleksandr Lukin.

    Arnin Zola is working with the Red Skull.

    Zola's specialty is cloning.

    There's a blacked out text area in the published script for Captain America #25 when he's shot by Sharon Carter.

    Here's what I think happened in that blacked-out portion: Sharon extracted Cap's DNA. Which is why the dead body of Steve Rogers ended up looking like his 98-pound-weakling pre-Super-Soldier self.

    The DNA is being used by Zola to make a new Cap body.

    That Cap body is going to house the mind of the Red Skull AND Steve Rogers, with the Skull in total control (for now).

    Because the whole point of the Red Skull is to make Cap watch helplessly as all hell breaks loose. Whatever the Skull's plans have been, they ALWAYS involved Cap being a helpless witness to tragedy.

    Which also means that at some point, this Cap clone is going to eventually face off against Bucky as the new Captain America. At the pace Brubaker is writing this? We're looking at a climactic battle in issue #50.

    There. I've said it.

  16. I would have said that the Red Skull being the new Cap was preposterous, but after reading what John Seavey and Horvendile stated, it seems like one really good theory.

    If Marvel gets as crafty as you're giving them credit for, this is going to turn out to be a fantastic story.

    Your ideas were so good, I got a nosebleed.

  17. That's such a hate-worthy list. I think that you have to take Hawkeye off the list because that's the only one that makes any sense. USAgent has always been so hateable because of his previous donning of the flag that I don't see that, either.

    Thinking in terms of the Companies' desire to really make us want to kill them, Tony Stark and the Red Skull seem like the most natural choices.

    Winter Soldier must be a red herring.

  18. Why can't Captain Assho-- I mean, Captain America just stay dead?
    As a character?
    You know... that there won't be another one?