Friday, December 14, 2007

"Touched By A Ghost Rider"

Newsarama reports that Ghost Rider #18 will reveal that the leather-clad avenger is angel. Writer Daniel Way explains:

"Roxanne prayed, on Johnny's behalf. And her prayers were answered...just not in a way that she would've necessarily wanted. Understand--and I hope this was clear in the book--Johnny did, in fact, make a deal with the Devil. Johnny Blaze's soul, upon death, is payable to Hell. But that was trumped by the deal that Roxanne made with Heaven on Johnny's behalf. In order to "save" Johnny, Heaven--specifically, Zadkiel--bonded the Ghost Rider, an angelic spirit (or Power...of the the Sixth Choir, specifically), to Johnny's soul, thereby making him...well, an angel."

Unsure of where Johnny Blaze "fits" in the Organization:

Unsure of what Daniel Way actually said, but feels pretty confident he disagrees with it:

Emo (just because):


  1. i've liked the arc, but thought it was a weak issue with a weak reveal.

  2. I don't care about Ghost Rider. Just, thank you for that last picture.

  3. i hate ghost rider, and daniel way sucks ass (god wolverine origins is painful), buuuutttt aaron is taking over and the art looks pretty cool so i may check out his initial run.

  4. Well, that books spoiled for me...

  5. Danny Way needs to lay off the decompression tablets, but he's done some entertaining Punisher work.
    Never could get into his Origins run - now it's been retconned to hell with that whole Sabretooth story over in the regular Wolvy book, I doubt I'll ever read it now.

  6. This seems like a mistake to me; not a huge, or disastrous one, but it's a layer of additional complications to a hero's origin, added to surprise jaded fans who think they know everything about the character's past, and those "Everything you know is wrong!" stories are _always_ mistakes to some degree or another. (Unless your name is Alan Moore, and you're writing 'Swamp Thing'.)

    Part of what makes 'Ghost Rider' work is that his story is, as initially set down, folktale-simple and very accessible. He's a guy who made a deal with the devil to save his father's life, the whole thing's gone pear-shaped, and he struggles with the burden of his (well-intentioned) mistake. Everything else dilutes that central concept.

    Still, it could be worse.

    He could have the 90s Ghost Rider origin. I couldn't explain that thing at gunpoint.

  7. Hey guys, come on! Making Supergirl an angel was one of the most brilliantest takes on the character ever, and really resonated with the reading public and rejuvenated sales by the bucketload!

    (Only half of this was sarcasm. See if you can pick which half!)

  8. i like robot supergirl! i have this whole convoluted thing in my head about how...well, lets not get into it. the the earth-mordicai supergirl is AWESOME.

  9. Geez, sometimes comics are dumber than all the other times when they are dumb.

  10. So, wait. God bonded Ghost Rider with Supergirl to make a robot angel? Was that an Amalgam title?

    And does Robot Angel Super Ghost Rider Girl transform into a motorcycle?

  11. I've been buying this series for the Saltaires/Texiera art. I love their stuff. Also, the Corben fill in issues were really fun.

    This was my first experience with Way. I'm lead to believe that he's a big deal...

    Story wise, it was very boring and decompressed. The only high point with the writing was that I could read an issue while waiting on a traffic light.

  12. More fancy retcons to come from Marvel:

    Peter Parker was actually bitten by a fly.

    The Super Soldier program that gave Captain America his powers was created in Russia.

    The Fantastic Four got their powers by being exposed to cosmic rays while burrowing underground.

    I treat Daniel Way doing continuity revamps the way I view infants driving cars. In no way is it a good idea.