Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt Fat?

So I'm sitting down to have a donut and a cup of tea when I read this on the gossip site TMZ.

It's a picture of a woman in a swimsuit from behind and the caption reads, "Name That Butt"

And I click on the link and it's a picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt with the caption,

"We know what you ate this summer, Love -- everything!"

Is she fat?

That post and a related one have the most wretched comments I have ever read. They are either from eating-disorder cases who say Hewitt should be ashamed of herself for being so obese, or from men calling her a fat pig. Of course, she also had some defenders...especially guys who wanted to prove so much that her butt did not offend them that they offered to...well, you know.

But why I am never reading TMZ again is because as I read those posts, I felt myself having a desire to throw up my donut. I've never had bulimia or threw up my food to maintain my weight, but I just felt sooooo guilty at that moment. I was like: "oh God, I'm eating a donut -- I'm going to become obese."

How many eating disorder cases out there *did* relapse because of your post, TMZ?

Hewitt herself responded on her site:

"I've sat by in silence for a long time now about the way women's bodies are constantly scrutinized. To set the record straight, I'm not upset for me, but for all of the girls out there that are struggling with their body image."

And for the record, I don't think she's fat. Her ample chest is, as far as I know, real -- and it would make sense that the rest of her body, especially as she matured, would be as ample. What's truly unhealthy, in my opinion, is not women like Hewitt, but women who are naturally curvy who diet to the point of being rail-thin -- their still-large heads seemingly perching on their emaciated frames. Case-in-point:

Betty gotta love herself!


  1. If anything, I'd say that JLH would need to put ON fifteen or twenty to maximize her beauty.

    But that's just me.

    I don't let the teevee decide my libido for me.

  2. It's like Tyra Banks all over again, and that's just silly. And some of those comments... nightmares? Really? I should be so lucky to have her show up in my nightmares.

    If I were a more cynical man, I'd say that someone was pissed off that she's now engaged and off the market.

    Wait, I am a more cynical man. Never mind.

  3. I, for one, was glad to see J.Love strike back. I read those comments about her and was just appalled. Being the father of a daughter, I fear for what she may eventually be in for. Hopefully, I'll be able to teach her that she's beautiful just the way she is.

  4. I never thought I'd hear myself say this (and I still haven't, as I'm writing), but good for Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    And TMZ just represents the worst kind of "journalistic" muckraking. At this point I take the Weekly World News more seriously.

    Then again, Batboy IS looking pretty chunky...

  5. Ugh. Is she fat? Seriously? Um, how about no. She isn't. In fact, she's the opposite of fat. Last I saw her, I thought she looked skinny. Not just thin, but skinny. Like, "here, have some cake" skinny.

    You know who's looking kinda fat, actually? Justin Timberlake. Guys, if any of you are even an ounce heavier than that tub-of-lard, you are the fattest fat-asses on the planet and should go on, like, a million diets or just vomit until your stomach pops out or something. God, why do pigs like Timberlake even make us look at their morbidly obese flabby selves? It's disgusting.

    Wow. Speaking of purging. Sorry. That all just kinda... yeah, sorry. But I hate that crap.

  6. Mike is right, JLH needs at least 20 more pounds. I don't think she looks attractive being so skinny. I wish women like her could be at their natural body weight, they'd be so much more beautiful!

  7. I would hit it.

    I am just saying.

  8. While I am not FAT per se, I haven't seen my dick in about a year. My beloved, while also not fat by any stretch, has got some hips. (Thank god!)

    That being said, the only thing I can see wrong with Ms. Hewitt is her face. But man, what a butt.

    (Sorry Val, I know I am objectifying, but you think it's acceptable in this situation?)

  9. Hewitt isn't fat, but she could use some toning. The back of them thighs were looking a bit large curd. Might be forgivable if I thought J. Love possessed any discernable talent or a winning personality, but lacking either, she needs to tighten up. Again, it's not the thickness at issue, but the texture.

  10. It's so brave of her fighting back for the children against those people who said her fat ass looked fat.

  11. I like that the second picture shows her looking like a normal human being when she isn't all glammed up.

    Seriously, almost all of the idolized celeb women are really quite normal looking behind all of the makeup and lighting.

  12. The thing about Jen Hewitt is she's tiny, I don't think she's more than 5 feet tall but I think she looks fine. Who cares?

  13. she isn't fat, but that supergirl, man she was a heffer!

  14. If Jennifer Love Hewitt is fat, then I'm Antonio Banderas.

    (Note: I'm not Antonio Banderas.)

  15. Agree with Chris' comments; JLH is the type of woman who proves that one can be both buxom and scrawny. I can't even imagine labeling her as "fat," and I'm glad she publicly called out her critics.

  16. No, I don't think she's fat. Her butt maybe bigger than normal, but, as you said, it is probably more due to genetics than donuts.

    I do have to laugh that the anonymous gossipmonger felt the need to put a dig in at JLH shape. Because, I'm sure that he, and let's face it, it had to be a man who wrote this, is not the ideal physical specimen himself.

    And I am sure he is also lonely, because I'd wager 97% of the female population would fall into his definition of "fat". The other 3% are lingerie models and Hollywood actresses, two groups who would have nothing to do with a member of the TMZ staff.

  17. What a non issue. She looks fine, certainly not fat. This reminds me of the time I went with some friends to see From Dusk Till Dawn; when Salma Hayek makes her entrance, walking in from off screen and away from the viewer, my reaction was something like "wow." The friend I was sitting next too said "She's kinda fat." That's just wrong.

  18. this whole thing is silly. The average hollywood idiot may call her fat, but I think john q average consumer and viewer would call her gorgeous.

  19. I'm staying out of it. Because I'm a superficial bastard.

  20. I was beyond pissed off when I read TMZ's comments about that picture.

  21. Jennifer is jiggly, but not "fat". On a side note, I've never gotten the big hoopla over this girl. In my opinion, she is not even slightly attractive. What is wrong with people these days? Most celebrities are unattractive at best, and yet they're tauted as "gorgeous". Society has terrible taste in beauty, so why trust it's opinion with regards to what's pretty anyway?

  22. What the...??? 90% of women get cellulite. When will Americans drag themselves away for the television long enough to see what we all REALLY look like? Geez!