Thursday, December 27, 2007

Occasional Links: The Chun-Li Edition

What do you get when you combine She-Ra, Transformers, and good ol' cheapo toy company ingenuity?

Yes. It's good. It's full of WIN.


Follow-up on DC's "let me introduce you to our backlist" response to critcism of their current monthly titles:

“We love our passionate readers who spend from $1,000 to $1,500 a year on comics, but there’s a lot more people who are willing to pay $300 or $400 a year on graphic novels and luxury editions.”

--Paul Levitz

Now, this is, to an extent, a sound strategy. The real money, in my opinion, IS in the backlist.

But you need to develop & expand your backlist. A good, well-written story will yield $ regardless of format or media.

And a backlist should reflect the best a company has to offer.

Is an Amazons Attack hardcover justified? Does DC want this hardcover to be a non-comic book reader's entry-point into the Wonder Woman mythos?

And why is BATMAN the focal point of the Amazons Attack cover? Just to confuse branding even more?

Nicolas Cage wants a Ghost Rider sequel:

"All they have to do is call," said Cage. "I would love to see that happen. That would be fun."
He's adorable, isn't he?

Dear Marvel,

Where Is my NEW WARRIORS Omnibus Hardcover, collecting the first 25 issues of this exceptional series by Nicieza and Bagley?


PS: I will settle for a trade paperback.

Smallville's Lana Lang will be Chun-Li in the new Street Fighter movie, reports.

In other news, there is going to be a new Street Fighter movie.

Video: Still the best Street Fighter movie:


  1. don't know if I want

  2. The New Warriors Omnibus is coming right after my Quasar Omnibus.

  3. Kylie Minogue needs to be in more martial arts films.

  4. I got these last night. Lil' Elektra is so darn cute!

  5. I didn't know Kreuk was half-Chinese until just now when I was like "wait, she is going to be...isn't Chun-Li Chinese?"

    So that is a fun fact.

    Also, yeah, you can sell a trade paperback. Heck, I confess-- I don't buy issues (I borrow). How are you going to sell these trades when you RUN OUT OF BACK STOCK, DUDES? It isn't a nostalgia market, despite that being a huge chunk of it. No Marvel edition of ____ is going to out-sell Dickey's Storm, for instance.

    Crap, now I've been put into the position of championing Storm. Great. Thanks for making me hate myself, guys!

  6. Oh man. I love that Saturnia is a fighter jet that comes with her own hair brush. I don't care what the lead count is, this wins for best. toy. ever.

    Is it just me, or is that Amazons Attck cover missing something? Like, oh, I dunno... Amazons?

    And... would it be possible for them to find anyone less Asian-looking to play Chun-Li, without resorting to, say, Kate Beckinsale?

  7. "I didn't know Kreuk was half-Chinese until just now"

    When she went half pee-pee in your Coke?

    Thank you, I'll be here all week. Try the chicken parm.

  8. Who cares if the mainstream comic companies run out of quality backlist to reprint? The sooner Marvel and DC stop making comics, the better. We need less superheroes. I think I truly hate superheroes....

    I've started reading manga books this past week and *wow*, they are soooooo much better! I'm sure in time they'll turn into the same crap Marvel and DC are now, and fans will complain nothing currently published is any good, and they'll be reprinting at huge mark-up the cheap books were buying now. It's all cyclical.

  9. Forget the Omnibus--I want the Essential New Warriors, and I want it now!

    (I also want the Essential Quasar, Matt.)

  10. Kid Nova?

    no thanks...

  11. You know, maybe in this version of Street Fighter instead of Jean Claude Van Damme they can get Rob Van Dam. The acting would be better at least.