Sunday, December 16, 2007

Occasional Links: The Misfit Toys Edition

Captain America: Fun With Flags

You get points if you can recognize which flag is on the newly-designed Captain America's chest...

Toy Hall Of Fame

Retro Crush lists their top toys of all time, including The Great Garloo, Milky The Marvelous Milking Cow, and Care Bears.

Missing from the list:

Review Of The Week

Johanna on Green Arrow/Black Canary:

"I only read this book because I am a total fangirl for artist Cliff Chiang. The storyline, by Judd Winick, is Ass."

What she said.

Also, I think the death of Connor sucks ass. More on that later.

Boobie Prize

Here are the top boob-themed gifts for the mammary-obsessed. Don't worry, the link is from a women's culture website so it's not sexist.

Now, if this link was posted on, say, Wizard -- what would happen?

Context context context!

Hulk Hogan: "Shut That Mouth!"

When asked what celebrity he would like to pummel, Hulk Hogan replied,

"Without a doubt Rosie O'Donnell. Somebody needs to shut that big mouth up."

Translation: "That opinionated full-figured lesbian angers me. Someone should continue the time-honored legacy of physically attacking those who aggressively defends the rights of those currently not in power. Perhaps if that was to take place, she would be intimidated into not expressing her opinions anymore."

Rosie responds on her blog:

"its like a gang of gross guys
a club almost
old dumb white and on tv"


Btw, I was always a Rowdy Roddy Piper fan instead. Always said what was on his mind, never needed to artifically "bulk up," and was basically a jolly non-conformist.

And he wasn't afraid to wear a skirt.

Snipes Sniping

Wesley Snipes told Entertainment Weekly recently that on Blade Trinity David Goyer, the film's producers, and New Line Cinema treated him like...

"the new ho on the block.''

He also believes that he might be blacklisted by Hollywood for his suit against New Line.

Getting a kick from all that drama:

One step closer to solo movie:

Video: Rhonda McDonald


  1. It's not a skirt! Any Scotsman would love to tell you why that joke's not teh funny.

    Hulk Hogan's not alone either. And I could care less about her sexuality. She was obnoxious before we knew she was gay.

  2. i'm in the disagreement camp again! how about that. then again, i have liked winnick's black canary/green arrow story, which trust me, sounds weird to me, too. also, rosie is a snot.

  3. actually, whatever, we totally agree on the rest: cap's PR flag-belly is slightly funny. those toys are pretty funny. boobs are hot & so it what's'his'name. ryan...whatever. i sent that picture to my girlfriend; she has the major hots for him. reynolds. ryan reynolds.

  4. hulk hogan needs to focus on teaching his children not to fucking kill people in illegal drunken street racing.

    and ryan reynolds is the only reason to watch blade 3.

  5. Rosie O Donnell? "Ching-Chong" Rosie O Donnell?

    Go for the piledriver, Hulk!!

  6. I loved GA/BC 1 and 2. Three sorta tanked, though.

  7. Isn't that pretty much the same design that has always been on Captain America's chest?

  8. I totally think someone should die every issue of Green Arrow/Black Canary and then be brought back during the next issue. They're already close -- Ollie "died" in the issue before #1 and was back at the end of #1. Now Connor's dead...

    I always liked Rowdy Roddy Piper better than Hulk too (especially in They Live), and it is indeed reprehensible that his reaction to Rosie is to think of violence. On the other hand, Rosie is really really annoying (and was so long before she came out).

  9. I'm gonna go there. Please forgive me.

    ~o/Soulja Boy's a punk-ass ho
    I'ma prove he's got no flow
    We don't Superman no mo'
    Now we Hulkamania that ho!

    Whoop- do dat backbreaka!
    Whoop- do dat backbreaka!
    Whoop- do dat backbreaka!
    Whoop- do dat backbreaka-

    Hogan's sure a champ and all
    Leg dropping all them haters man
    Ripping all his singlets up
    Suplexes for Ric Flair, man...
    He won a fight with Mister T!
    And ain't gonna job to no body-

    Whoop- do dat backbreaka! (etc, ad nauseum) /o~

  10. Just a minor correction to the Hulk Hogan story; he wasn't asked "what celebrity he would like to pummel." He was asked what celebrity he would like to see compete on the new "American Gladiators" TV show he's hosting. However, his quote is accurate.

    So he wasn't saying that he wanted to pummel her, but that he wanted to see someone else pummel her. Personally, though, I find both Hogan and Rosie to be annoying, so I would like to see the two of them chained together and abandoned in the wilderness. :)

  11. Ha. I totally called Connor Hawke as the sacrificial lamb.

    When in doubt, go with the ethnically diverse, sexually ambiguous character they don't know what the fuck to do with.

  12. Terence - that approach finally gave them something to do with Batgirl.

    Her book was only outselling Wonder Woman's at the time, so it made perfect sense to cancel it, make her evil, then not do anything at all with the character for two years. Not at all an impulsive decision to vilify the only ethnic member of the Bat-family, then.
    I also love the way they really pushed Cassie Cain as a part of the broader Bat-franchise , too. And the gay Batwoman.

  13. I recently re-read Winick's older GA stuff, and it wasn't terrible, just a mildly entertaining adventure comics romp.


    ...What happened?

    Crap like that is what makes me want to write my own damn GA fan scripts. But then my sense of shame stops me. ^_^

  14. Come on Reynolds, get that Deadpool movie, you've always wanted. *croses fingers and toes*

  15. I've never forgiven Rosie for that time she ambushed Tom Selleck about gun control on her show. She's also contributed to my hatred of many movies, and her blog (based solely on borderline autistic inarticulation in the writing) is a clear indication of the decline of Western civilization.

    That said, anyone given the spectrum of wrong-headed douchebags in our modern media to project violent fantasies toward who jumps straight to Rosie O'Donnell is telling me more about themselves than her. I've actually got a list of key past and present members of our administration that I feel should be placed in a travelling carnival where they can be used to demonstrate waterboarding for middle Americas.

    Rowdy Roddy Piper gets a pass for the entire Hogan ouevre based on "They Live" alone. Factor in "Hell Comes To Frogtown" and its pure massacre.

    So, are people finally coming to their senses about Bucky coming back being bullshit, or is it just the costume?

  16. At first I was solidly on Rosie's side in the whole Trump thing (and almost all her other celebrity feuds, in spite of her shitty taste in music), until something dawned on me: she wasn't just taking Trump to task for being a high-handed snotbag with the whole "second chance" speech. Her problem with the whole issue was that she believed that whatsername SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN GIVEN THAT SECOND CHANCE, rooted in some recovery-cult dogma about never letting people get away with being intoxicated. This revelation filled me with such disgust that I went from being on a side to a "pox on both your houses" stance.

  17. first:

    second: BATGIRL COME BACK!

  18. Wow. I never noticed that my gavorite blogger was also the only person on Savage Critics I actually read what they write anymore. Cool. It's too bad about the rest of that site tho'. It used to be in my check every day folder. Now I check blogs that haven't been updated in months more than it.

  19. Is it wrong that I think that Rhonda McDonald is attractive?