Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Occasional Links: The Chachi Arcola Edition

The Strange Allure Of The Geeky Guy In The Short-Sleeved Button Work Shirt

Brand New Day's Peter Parker and NBC's Chuck Bartowski: separated at birth?



Kristen Bell In Slave Leia Outfit

Hey, this Slave Leia s**t never gets old, does it? It's like the gift that keeps on giving. Here's a great idea: let's get that special record Carl Sagan shot out into space 30 years ago for the aliens with the best of what Western Civilization had to offer and add the Slave Leia meme to it. That, and a couple of episodes of "House."


Woman Claims She'd Never Be Married If It Wasn't For Engaging In
Traditionally Male Geeky Passtimes

Westbrook likes to say that she never would have married if it weren't for gaming. She and her husband Kevin Morrell were set up by mutual acquaintances, and on their first date she mentioned she liked "Star Wars" comics. He, a gaming enthusiast, suggested watching a movie about "swords and guns." They immediately hit it off and they were soon gaming together.

Well, it's all rather better than EHarmony, I'll tell you that much. Every question on EHarmony is like, "are you passive or are you aggressive?" You get like 250 questions like that. Then you get an e-mail notice that says "Dwight from Newark" would very much like to date you. Then Dwight e-mails you. You read Dwight's profile, and he says he's looking for "no game players, time wasters, or phoney-baloneys." You decided to pass on Dwight, but chicken out from e-mailing back to tell him so. Then Dwight e-mails you back 4 or 5 times with subject headings like, "ARE YOU THERE?????????" It's awesome.


Scott Baio No Longer Single

That is all. Go back to what you were doing.


Is Jughead Jones Gay?

A Scans Daily poster cites this cartoon as proof Jughead is gay:

I will once again turn your attention to the definitive answer to the question, as delineated by the Archie Comics website:
It seems that from the very start, in his very first appearance in PEP COMICS #22, Jughead hasn't had much interest in girls. How could he even have time? There's too much food to eat and too many naps to take!
Of course, this could just be a brilliant example of "spin" on Archie Comics's part. But it makes sense to me.


Video: "The Strong Women In TV Awards"

We at the Occasional Superheroine blog want to salute all the talented actresses (and the men who write for them) who won big at the Strong Women In TV Awards.


  1. Hey all, the image for the Spiderman/Chuck piece may have a problem with formatting, but it shows up if you click the permalink and just view the post alone.

    --techie genius

  2. Surely CHASING AMY settled the matter of Archie and Jughead's sexuality once and for all???

  3. A quick anecdote about the efficacy of EHarmony: I knew a guy who tried it out, and ended up going out with a girl who was a former white supremecist. The guy was Jewish.

  4. Jim from "The Office" doesn't wear a short-sleeved shirt; he rolls up his sleeves. Dwight K. Schrute, however, is always rocking the short sleeves.

  5. OMG! I laughed so hard at that "Strong Women in TV" thing! Best philosophical speech delivered in lingerie??? LOL!

  6. sounds like, too.

    they ask you like eleventy billion questions then fix people up with you that you have NOTHING in common with, nor are you attracted to.

  7. i also like the "no game players" who won't give you a phone number, or a picture, or respond to your messages at really random odd hours.

    those are the warning signs of a married guy cheating on his wife.

    honestly if i had a dollar for every guy who hits on me that is married to a woman i would be rich as hell.

    10%? Yeah of those of us that are out.

    You think Jim Bob next door is really a happy family man? Wait til his wife goes out of town and he's blowing the pool boy.

  8. Slave Outfit Leia doesn't bug me: it is clearly a mis-state (right? she goes from kicking-ass with thermal detonators, gets caught & objectified, & then strangles the Hutt, proving she ain't nobody's slave!) & also the first exposure to sexuality for many lady-likers. It never particularly turned my cranks, but I can see how it could.

  9. I find it a little hard to be bothered by the Slave Leia costume when she killed Jabba with his own method of enslavement.

    For many women, that costume was their first attempt at cosplay, and a new way to enter an otherwise "boy's only" arena.

    And hey--at least it was contextual. She was enslaved. That's what they put her in.

    Slave Leia Cosplayers are taking it back.

  10. Am I the only one who remembers Jughead relationship stories?

  11. OMG! I laughed so hard at that Jughead comic that coffee almost snot out my nose, LOL!!

    Thanks, Tommy

    BATMAN FAN? Check This Out!!