Monday, January 26, 2009

Occasional Links: The Alien Symbiote Plague Edition

I'm in bed today recovering from some sort of alien-virus spore that is living within my body. While Reed Richards tries to help me recover, I thought I'd take a moment to round up a bunch of links:

The Green Hornet movie has apparently been zapped. Aint It Cool News quotes HitFix as reporting that Sony has placed the film on "life-support." If you remember, Seth Rogen was to star in this adaptation.

Enjoying Project Superpowers? You might also like this radio show with one of the lead characters: The Green Lama.

Hulu is running the Spider-Man: The New Animated Series. It's a great way to get your NPH on!


I don't think I've had the honor to read Mike Deadato's run on Thor, but this custom figure by LooseCollector on the Fwoosh kinda makes me want to!


Entertainment Weekly believes 2009 is a great year for "Werewolf Movies". I don't know if all that's true, but I do know it's a great year for Werewolf Webcomics!

Also, my BBC-loving, formerly Hull-living, fish-and-chips-eating, Magners-drinking BF is rather partial to this series.


  1. This Wigan-born, former-Manchester living, fish-and-chip-eating, Guinness-swilling New York resident also likes that book.

    Support Captain Britain!

    Oh, and there was a 4 issue Ellis/Deodato run on Thor just prior to Heroes Reborn that was pretty good but Thor was mostly shirtless. I remember that costume appearing on covers and promos but I'm not sure it was ever actually in Thor's own book (maybe the last issue before JiM?).

    It's very 90s!

  2. Anonymous11:26 AM

    This NYC resident, beer-drinking, coffee-and-cupcakes loving, black-t-shirt wearing old punk rocker loves Captain Britain and MI13 too. How can anyone not? It's got Doom and Dracula in space!

  3. The Warren Ellis run on Thor wasn't bad. Wasn't amazing, but wasn't bad.

    Count me among the few glad the Seth Rogen version may never see the light of day. That guy is no superhero.

  4. This Texas-born, Shakespeare-performing, Guinness-sipping, half-Dutch boy loves him some Captain Britain and MI13 too. Doom and Dracula is right, but let's not forget bringing back Blade, and in a recognizable form.

  5. I'm glad to hear the "Green Hornet" movie has been shelved. I didn't like where it seemed to be going. You pulled a great cover from the series that was launched more than a decade ago. I recently came back into possession of those issues when my parents unearched one of my old box of comic books. Out of the items in the box, that was one of the first things to catch my eye, those old issues of the "Green Hornet" comic strip. Those first few issues were excellent.

  6. Methinks Deodato redesigned Thor's appearance to fulfill his lifelong dream of drawing He-Man.

  7. Anonymous10:24 PM

    I think I'm going to explode the solar system when Wolfman comes out.