Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man Obama Update

Amazing Spider-Man #583 was sold out at NYC's Forbidden Planet comic book store between the hours of 9 and 10 o'clock this morning. New Yorkers braved the frigid weather to wait in line to buy the comic -- limit one per person.

I heard a report that Jim Hanley's, also in NYC, had a line outside the store waiting to purchase the comic as well.

I just wanted to follow the Spider-man story this week, but was unable to buy an issue.

If anybody knows what happened in that issue non-Obama-wise, email me. Especially if Parker starts dating that girl.

In other news, ComicMix reports that a number of comic book shops are donating the profits of Amazing Spider-Man #583 to charity.

More coverage:
Lining Up For Obama and Spider-Man (NYT)


  1. I just bought my comics and my LCS didn't have the Obama Amazing Spider-Man either. I wasn't going to buy it, or the reprints, anyways and my LCS told me as soon as he opened the store people rushed in and bought the issue and that he underordered. This issue will probably end up being worth $5-$10 in the future at most since their will be a massive amount of repreints.

  2. i actually was able to get one in baltimore.

    the store i went to had plenty of them but they were only selling one per costumer at 15 bucks a piece.

  3. Anonymous3:57 PM

    I want this.

  4. My shop had the regular cover and it was in my bag (need to take Amazing off my pull-list yet), and I MIGHT have considered getting it if not for the god-awful dialogue on the front cover. If that was supposed to be clever, I cared not to waste my money on seeing what was inside the book. But otherwise, they were taking pre-orders for the second print next week.

    A colleague was supposed to get us both the Obama cover at cover price from a shop near him in CT, but they got shorted in their intended supply so that got nixed. He'll be getting the second print, though.

    I'm sure I just passed up on a historical moment, but somehow I think I'll manage to sleep tonight.

  5. I hate when the stores jack up the price of these "special issues". I think it's fine that President Obama appears in a comic.

    I just it's hysterical that comci book stores would charge 15 bucks!!! the day of release.

    My local store charged cover for the death of Supes but limited sales to 1 per person...


  6. Ka-CHING!! I only hope his presidency is as successful!

  7. I got the regular cover version, mainly for my wife and kids.

    My store here sold the special cover version for $44. And they got it.

    I certainly don't hold it against them: if they sold it for cover, those issues would be on eBay. And obviously the market is there for such markup.

    I do think it's good that many are donating the profit on it.

  8. Dude, just download it. Buy the reprint if you feel guilty about it, but I'm not going to have my regularly-scheduled Spider-Man fix ruined by the same @$$hats who screwed me out of the 9/11 issue.

  9. Anonymous3:58 AM

    If I remember correctly, Obama said that he read Spiderman and Conan the Barbarian...

    Now, THAT's a cross-over that I want to see!

  10. Anonymous5:55 AM

    I'm starting to think that Obama merchandise could kickstart the global economy.

  11. Anonymous10:34 AM

    How should I know? I resigned as a Spider-Man reader when his marriage got erased by the devil. I haven't bought a single Spidey book since, and seeing the covers on the stands, Obama or no, still inspires disgust, not longing.