Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Characters I Kinda Dig: Sally Brown


  1. You totally need to read the play "Dog Sees God," or see a good production of it. It's the Peanuts characters as modern teenagers. "Sally" is awesome in that. :)

  2. I dunno, that whole "Sweet Baboo" business seemed kinda creepy after awhile ...

  3. I always used to call her "Ice Cube Head" because of the way that cluster of hair looked to me...

  4. But WHY do you kinda dig Sally Brown? Is it her stalkerish tendencies towards Linus? Her inability to cope with any stress, no matter how small? Her slacker lifestyle (she once attended "beanbag camp")? Her need to confide to large inanimate objects like school buildings? Her numerous mistakes giving class presentations, and the subsequent ridicule of her classmates? You hope to follow in the footsteps of Fergie and Kristin Chenoweth?

  5. Well how can you call yourself a.. um.. How can you say that... um...

    So you're saying you like Sally, but you DON'T like ... other stuff...?
    Take that!

    Drat... I am nowhere near clever and snarky enough to post comments here

  6. Anonymous9:11 PM

    And well you should! Actually, I think the Peanuts gang as a whole is pretty awesome. :D

  7. I regularly refer to my girlfriend as "my sweet baboo", referencing Sally's pet name for Linus :)

  8. Anonymous2:09 AM

    @ Torsten--

    Ouch! Pretty harsh on Sally (or Val)! She's hardly the most flawed person in that little group, and she does have her good points. She's assertive, has an odd kind of magnetism, and at least in Show and Tell she keeps coming up with new and inventive ideas that are invariably knocked down.

  9. Torsten,

    I just spent a couple minutes looking up the Fergie and Chenoweth references. Fan of them or Peanuts-phile?

  10. I somehow kinda like her too despite the vaguely creepy stalker thing she has going with Linus.

  11. Anonymous6:44 PM


    Since comments are closed for your most recent post, and I don't have your email addy, I just thought I'd say here (since you approve all your posts first) that I support your decision and hope for the best for you and yours. Often, posting your "self" is like "throwing pearls before swine", and it's warned against in pretty authoritative places. I think that the content you choose to post here and even what you choose NOT to post says enough to those reading without betraying the things which should only be for confidents and friends. So, as one of the few blogs I follow, I'll miss your opinions (though I'm sure they'll sneak through) but I'd prefer you stay healthy and creative, as I'm VERY much looking forward to reading your fiction in C&D


  12. I know this is gonna be moderated and screened and all and will never see "print" or whatever one calls it on the 'net here... and I just want to say that I completely dig the why in not talking about the really interesting parts of the comic-nerd culture anymore, I do want you to know (not that it matters much) that while I didn't agree every step of the way, it was always great to see someone of merit talking about these things.

    But... yeah. Nothing's worth your peace of mind.