Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Occasional Links

Jeff Parker, author of the exceptional Agents of Atlas series, asks the question, "Why Not Wildstorm?"

Pink Kryptonite ponders the idea of free, high-quality comic content by way of Monty Python.

C.B. Cebulski reminds everyone to keep everything in perspective.

Remember CONTRA? Well, you can keep those memories alive with these radical customs by Jin Saotome!

And the crew at Comics Should Be Good shows us all what Final Crisis #6 was really missing!


  1. I totally agree with the Pink Kryptonite argument. I have disagreed with the logic of the RIAA on this issue for years. It could work for comics as well, although I am not sure it will help with floppies as much as trades.

  2. That Stormtrooper pic just made my day. Thanks :)

  3. Mysterius #1 was fantastic and hope to see more folks pick it up...I dont see why this is a huge suprise that Wildstorm is doing a title like this, during their WorldStorm launch, they had a handful of creator driven mini series and most recently they;ve had Casey Blue and Storming Paradise.

  4. Oh I dunno.

    I recall when Marvel first started putting comics online, in a DRM-laden proprietary format.

    I remember most everyone complaining that they weren't just simple truly HI-RES versions that could be viewed offline or in other apps, even though you could get exactly that by downloading books off the internet.

    Somehow, a paid subscription service that offered truly excellent versions for a nominal monthly fee with extras available only to subscribers sounds like a decently viable option.