Monday, January 12, 2009

Morning Update

Yeah, totally didn't stay out with my friends at the local pub until 11:00 at night, totally didn't pose for photos wearing each other's bras on our heads like Mickey Mouse ears.

Damn you, Facebook! (shakes fist)

I got seized yesterday to compose a short story called "Marmaduke Beef," featuring the fictional memoirs of an old-time comic book guy. I got so possessed to write this -- so absolutely in this character's head space -- that I scribbled almost a complete first draft on legal pads in one shot.

Marmaduke Beef horrifies me, but also fascinates me in the way that, through his own perspective, he is the hero of his own story. Lex Luthor, Norman Osborn, Darth Vader -- all the heroes of their own stories, with their own rationales. They do not consider themselves villains. Marmaduke is racist, sexist, so many "ists" -- but he considers himself none of those things. He just plugs on to the end of the story, convinced that he's right.

I may turn it into a comic book script, or go back and flesh it out into an actual novella. I'm just trying to write more, write creatively, just practice writing.

Wow, New York Comic Con is almost here?

See, every year after San Diego or NYCC I say to myself: "this year I will be prepared. this year, I will use this convention to its fullest advantage." Am I scrambling? Yes!

Facebook: officially kinda annoying. I love the messages from that "speed dating" app I've never signed up for, the one where they've found a match for you and it's always somebody from New Jersey.

Not that there's anything wrong with New Jersey, mind you.

And I've been obsessed with this video of a parrot petting a kitten for several days now. I think it's the inter-species angle. If a parrot did that to my full-grown cat it would most likely be hanging from the feline's well-meaning jaws. Nom nom nom. But sit back and watch the *love*

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  1. Anonymous12:56 PM

    That video is one of the cutest AND creepiest things I've ever seen. Parrots are so smart and full of personality, but their lack of expression is terrifying. Too bad for birds... got the short end of the face-muscle stick. Oh, and a beak.