Friday, January 30, 2009

Occasional Links: Turner D. Century Edition

Turner D. Century: Best superhero name EVER!

Mickey Rourke pulls out of Wrestlemania AND JUST ABOUT BREAKS MY HEART!

Arrested Development movie still on (and Michael Cera on board)...

...and here is a mini-documentary of the cast talking about it.

USA Today demonstrates how to utilize popular culture figures in a manner designed to increase our knowledge and personal safety:

"And if someone is bothering you and won't stop, flag the real-life version of Paul Blart. If you don't see a mall cop nearby, go into a store and ask an employee there to call mall security."

Cats say: "stupid humans with their stupid toys"

A Ghost Rider movie sequel and more Nicholas Cage as Johnny Blaze...

Seth Rogen Green Hornet movie still on; Adam Sandler to cameo as "certain surprise superhero."

Will it be...TURNER D. CENTURY??/?/?

Oh yes, there will be Tribbles...

A brief history of the A-Team movie. Formerly considered for the role of Hannibal:

And Turner D. Century, updated for modern comic book readers:


  1. I've heard about the Micky vs. Jerico thing. I'm thinking Micky will show up in some form and maybe screw Jerico in the ring somehow. This is just too good to not happen.

  2. That news about Arrested Development is the best thing ever. I hope they bring back Liza Minnelli for the movie too. :)

  3. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Adam Sandler would probably insist on the original Turner D. Century costume for his cameo, moustachio and all.

  4. Anonymous4:14 PM

    J.J. Abrams is probably a nice guy, I just don't understand why everyone thinks he is so great. I did not like Alias, and he just slaps his name on everything and gets all the credit for it. Cloverfeild, Lost, Fringe.

  5. With regard to the Mickey thing, and I really mean this with no offense intended, performing in wrestling is one step above porn as far as acting legitimacy is concerned (one large step, but still only one). I would like to see more of the guy from Barfly, Angel Heart, Diner, and the Pope of Greenwich Village, if possible.

  6. It's always fun until someone actually starts dressing in Edwardian summer suits.

  7. Hmmm.... needs more Turner D. Century. maybe riding his flying tandem bike.