Friday, January 09, 2009

Carols Pacheco Returns To Marvel


I'll always remember Carlos Pacheco for the following reason:

Pacheco drew the cover of an issue of Fantastic Four that my BF was holding on the first day I met him at Comic Con.

I had met him (BF, not Pacheco) for the first time earlier that day, but now I was leaving the convention, and spied him to the side reading that comic.


He looked up from the comic, nodded, and went back to reading the comic (or so was my perception at the time).

I thought (cue Roy Lichtenstein pose):

"He likes Fantastic Four more than he likes me! Sniff!"

Of course, that was not true. But every time I see that cover to Fantastic Four, I shake my fist and go, "Damn Pacheco Fantastic Four!"

That said, of course Carlos Pacheco is an excellent artist and re-addition to Marvel.

(Recently, while going through our old back issues, the BF held up that very issue of Fantastic Four. "Keep it?" he asked innocently)

(I have an ego, apparently, the size of a small planet)


  1. That's probably the tightest Pacheco has worked in a long time.

  2. Hahaha!
    A great guy Pacheco, and a great artist.

  3. I hear his pencils will go directly to color, no inker. Might explain the tighter quality of pencils. Big mistake in my book, but I am biased...;)

  4. I hope cool heads at DC work to keep Pacheco working for them. He's really one of the best. He has George Perez's enthusiasm and attention to big crowd scenes and details, but his figure work is more classical and closer to Alan Davis and others with regards to anatomy. I love his work. I wish someone would reprint his Iberia Inc. work from Spain.

  5. I agree, Sphinx Magoo.Sadly, I think there are not plans about Iberia Inc.And...I can´t remember if I bought the complete miniseries!!