Sunday, January 04, 2009

Michael Cera's Identity Crisis

Fight Schlub: Nick Twisp and his edgy alter-ego Francois

Much like my recent Jim Carrey post, I could travel through Michael Cera's filmography and point out that the majority of his roles are strikingly similar to each other, all roles pointing backward to this particular gentleman:

What was cool when he was a teenager may not really fly anymore at age 21. Though bear in mind, Stockard Channing was wowing them as the teenage Rizzo at 34, so it's possible that Cera will be able to extend his awkward/sensitive teenager shtick for some time. Then again, he might become Joshua Jackson's replacement on "Fringe."

(Does Cera watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt's career and just want to strangle that guy?)

That's why I regard Cera's dual role in the movie "Youth in Revolt" with interest. Might the tough-guy Francois Dillinger be the representation of the graduation to "adult" and more edgy roles that Michael Cera yearns for?

Michael Cera impersonating Joseph Gordon-Levitt impersonating David Niven

Fun Fact: in the original novel "Youth In Revolt" is based on, protagonist Nick has two alter-egos – one of them a woman, the motherly Carlotta.

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