Monday, January 19, 2009

BSG: The Roving Eye Of Apollo

One more Battlestar Galactica post, and I'm done. I promise.

Follow Apollo's eyes on this DVD cover:

via Photoshop Disasters


  1. Really? People have been commenting on this cover for months, since the cover image was first released.

    Apollo likes Starbucks jugs.

    Hey, [**SPOILER**] and now that Dualla is out of the picture (unless she resurrects somehow) and Starbuck's guy is a toaster, he can hit that guilt free.

  2. "Apollo likes Starbucks jugs."

    Just in case that diagram I drew didn't spell it out for you.

  3. This is like the phallic towers on the Little Mermaid video box.

    Only funny.

  4. Apollo is actually looking to see which season it is. He totally didn't even notice Starbuck's jugs.

  5. Honestly....I probably wouldn't be any better...tough chicks are hot..what?

  6. I'm not there's anyone on this show, human or cylon, that doesn't like Starbuck's jugs.
    I'm not sure that there's any fan of the show, excepting maybe Dirk Benedict, who doesn't agree.
    (and he just seems to fear them, which is not at all like saying he doesn't like them.)

  7. There's little doubt Apollo's eye head to Starbuck's jugs deliberately, in a not-too-subtle subconscious suggestion to the purchaser.

  8. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Starbuck on Starbuck would probably create a rip in the universe.

  9. Anonymous7:35 AM

    they should have a Caprica 6 Alternate cover for us perverts.

  10. I tried to buy this today but the cashier scanned Starbuck's arm and tried to charge me a MILLION DOLLARS!

    No, I'm joking. That didn't actually happen.

  11. Bad photoshop work.

    Bad photoshop work.

    Bad -

    or done on purpose?

  12. Anonymous12:29 PM

    "Starbuck's Jugs" = my new band.

    More impotently, (see what I did there?) who's jugs is Starbuck staring at? Mine? Dirk Benedict's?