Sunday, January 18, 2009

How I Spent My Sunday Morning

Degrassi: The Next Generation

After an awesomely exceptional birthday bash last night - complete with Rock Band, dessert tacos, and insanely giant pieces of carrot cake, I spent the morning watching Degrassi and playing Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.

How did you spend your Sunday morning?


  1. I woke up, finished my new comics from Wednesday, finished reading my stack of New Avengers, ate breakfast and checked my E-Mail while texting a colleague I'm trying to deny a growing attraction for.

    In short: my Sunday morning was lame. :P

  2. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Sleeping! What else are Sunday mornings for? ...Especially after they up your Trazodone dosage.

  3. I - talked on the phone, chatted on Facebook, and participated in an ongoing (surprisingly civilized) dialogue over on the other side of the "Bitter" debate.
    Basically, I was entirely out of my anti-social comfort zone. But then I made a snarky blog post and now I feel better.

  4. Anonymous1:58 PM

    I went golfing and was only mildly pleased with how I did.

    Now I'm on the computer.
    In a minute, I'll be doing the dishes.

    Who knows from there.

  5. Slept in a little, after spending most of last night babysitting a drunk friend. Now I'm watching Philly/Arizona on the tube. Gotta do some writing for my podcast this afternooon, though ...

  6. spent it like I spent saturday... sick in bed. when not napping, surfing web via cellphone.
    (are you aware your security certificates don't match on your comment pages?)

  7. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Got up early (7 AM!), packed the drums, got "The Best Mocha In The World" at the local coffee shop, then drove to church and played for the morning service...drums and vocals. After, got Vietnamese French-Roll sandwiches at K's then took them to the friend's house where we hung out and chilled, while I read "Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich" to the kids.

    Tonight, blogging and gaming and feeding my current Kirby/New Gods obsession with the "OMAC" collection and "Death of the New Gods" trade.

  8. Sleeping. I worked in the city yesterday, and was exhausted. I watched my Eagles lose...and that was that.

  9. I spent my Sunday morning packing up, checking out and catching a flight back from NY to DC. It was nice to come home after being away for work for a week. Wife and kids met me at the metro closest to where we live and we went out to lunch.

    It was pretty lovely, really.

    That Hulk game is a pretty great game. Who doesn't love being able to rampage like that.

  10. Woken up at 4 minutes to 6 by a sick toddler. Got up. Changed a diaper. Put on children's television and tried to consume as much coffee as possible.

    Was asked about "TV Stuperman?" about 5 times every minute while I tried to consume said coffee. Attempted to read X-Men issues on the new DVD my wife bought me for Christmas (finally up to the 70's, now).

    Failed to do any of that.

    Made pancakes.

    Yeah. My morning? Not as good.

  11. fires and eating pop tarts