Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RIP Patrick McGoohan

He was, to me, the very definition of "cool."


  1. Crap.

    The Prisoner is one of my all time favorite shows. The concept was amazing and I have been waiting for a film version of it forever.

    Pat will be missed.

  2. Rest in peace, McGoohan. You died as a man, not a number.

  3. No....!!! :(

    Damn it.

    My favorite bit from the now defunct Justice League cartoon was how they made Dr. Fate look like Patrick when he didn't have his helmet on.

  4. Cool. I am glad this is being acknowledged.

    The Prisoner was one of the greates television shows ever.

  5. I loved "The Prisoner". I remeber rushing home from school in the 80's to catch it on our local PBS station.

    The wry wit that Mr. McGoohan applied to the writing and portrayal of "number 6" was impressive.

    I hear that they are remaking the series but to me Patrick McGoohan will always be number 1. Here's to you Mr McGoohan, you finally escaped "the Island"...


  6. BTW,

    I meant cool you posted on this, not cool, he's dead, if that was unclear. I read about his death a few hours ago.

    Khan is dead as well.

    Goodbye Number 6.

  7. He was cool indeed!

  8. Heaven just go so much cooler and so much more bad ass. They don't make troublemakers like this anymore and McGoohan was always making troubles as Granny used to say.

  9. Patrick McGoohan was nifty! Number 6 was cool!
    With him passing I am now worried about Patrick Macnee (John Steed)!

  10. Anonymous1:03 AM

    I will bake a cake in his honor.