Friday, November 02, 2007

I Plead The Fifth...

...Fifth World, that is!

However, rumor has it that Grant Morrison was planning to do this all the time. Rumor also has it that the plan is to have the main DCU characters replace the New Gods. (all rumors provided by that reputable source Scans Daily)

Now, if the DCU replaces the New Gods, what happens to the DCU?

Which goes back to the "rebooting" theory. I swear by this theory.

Now, I know such and such people in the industry and I hear stuff (especially around 11 PM at convention parties). But I have no inside bead on this. I am just championing this theory based solely on what I perceive are the larger media needs for these properties & as well as what would best work financially.

What if you move all the grown-up sidekicks up a notch and have them become the main DCU? And then you move all the main DCU up a notch and make them "Fifth Worlders?"

It drives my BF crazy when I get on a kick regarding this's a great way to liven up a night of Mexican food and "Smallville."