Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Mean Girls

Just read a post (which I'm not linking to here) where one woman savages another for not being "truely geeky" enough -- including saying that she'd like to punch the woman "in the boobs." That imagery, of an angry female pundit literally punching another female in the mammaries, really says it all, and sums up why I don't involve myself in these debates and issues anymore. That constant tension between "true" fangirl feminists and anything that has to do with boobage. Dagger-eyes at the female artist who dresses with a geek/burlesque flair at a comic book convention. Women hinting that other women got their jobs or online fame "because they are sluts." Excuse me, I thought we are not in the 1950s anymore, and I thought we weren't living in a world where virtue (or "true geek cred") = covering up breasts with boob aprons.

I thought feminism is a woman-postive thing, which includes being proud of one's body and tolerating the lifestyle and sartorial choices of your fellow sisters. I thought "geeking out" on your fave fandoms should be fun and lighthearted and (at times, anyway) social -- not something that devolves into saying you'd like to punch a fellow woman in the breasts.

On the bright side, the young women who are currently being attacked in various blogs and websites for "not being true geeks" have a network of supportive friends and fans of both genders and will be just fine. Sure, they are getting their taste of how ugly it can get out there in the land of teh internets. But I hope the lesson they can take from it is to appreciate how many good friends and fans they have who are coming to their defense.

But good God, this sort of "Mean Girls" thing frosts my shit.

And speaking of frosting, what "Good Pie To Comics" post would be complete without:

Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Top Ten Pictures Of Pie-Eaters

As of course we all well know, nothing is quite enjoyable as noshing on a good pie. Distinct from all other members of the pastry food group, pies seem most likely to lend themselves to social situations. Is it the soft creamy center, or the flaky wonder of the surrounding crust? Well, one thing is for certain: pies sure taste good!











Friday, April 01, 2011

"Street Sharks" To Be Rebooted As New Cartoon And Toy Line

Who doesn't remember fondly the 1994 animated series "Street Sharks?" Practically defining the pop-culture climate of the 90s Kid, "Street Sharks" is now getting a comeback in a big way. News burned through the Internet this afternoon about a reboot of the cartoon, with a new toy line to follow. The big question is: will this remake stay true to what made "Street Sharks" so special?"

Fan reaction was swift:

"They're raping my childhood," one insider lamented to us. "This cockfuckery simply will not stand."

From the first bits of concept art we've seen, it looks like there is definitely a manga influence going on with the new "Street Sharks." Also, Big Slammu is colored white in these designs, when everybody knows that he was a blue whale shark. Still, it's great to see tried-and-true properties such as "Street Sharks" and the upcoming "Dino Vengers" reboot getting a new life these days, because if they didn't we'd have nothing to watch anymore.

The Crust: News Briefs For The Busy Fan, Inaugural Edition

Welcome to The Crust, where we save the best part for you the reader. It's not just crumbs -- it's The Crust!

All-Male Comics Anthology In The Works
A birdy sang into The Crust's ear about a certain all-male comics anthology that will be announced at San Diego this year. The anthology will spotlight the contributions men have made to the comic book medium. "With all the hoopla and to-do about female comic creators, the fear is that men will get lost in the shuffle," said one insider. "With this anthology we hope to remind readers of the important contributions men have made to comics."

Charlie Sheen To Become Hero In New Comic Book Venture
Can you say "Winning?" Charlie Sheen is making the most of his post-"Two And A Half Men" life by developing a new property called "The Sheen Team." The comic/TV show/Flash game/soft-drink will feature a superhero named "Charlie" who, with his band of "Goddesses," fights the villainous Bill W. and his A.A. terror organization. "He's mostly doing it for his kids," said an insider. "I mean, who wouldn't want to have a dad who's a superhero? Also, he's broke."

Jay Chou To Play Edward Cullen In Twilight Sequel

Shock reverberated around the Twihard community this morning with news that Jay Chou, recently seen in the movie "The Green Hornet," would replace Robert Pattinson in the next Twilight sequel.

Thousands of hardcore Team Edward fans flocked to the Internet today to express their gently racist dismay:

"That's crazy...Edward isn't Asian!" complained one insider. "This isn't the way it's supposed to happen!"

However, such a casting choice might prove to be fortuitous for both parties, as Pattinson reportedly could have his hands full in the lead role of the live-action "Akira" adaptation, and the part of Kato is reportedly being recast with Jonah Hill.

Comic Book Community Outraged Over Something

As Bleeding Cool first reported earlier today, the comic book community has become outraged over something.

"This is a slap in the face to everyone who reads and makes comics," one insider commented. "I am shocked that someone could behave in such a manner, and I'm going to make sure as many people know as possible."

A Facebook page was soon created about the outrage, as well as several Twitter accounts -- possibly fake -- claiming to be connected to the outrage in some fashion. An Internet meme was also started, and by the time of this writing an official T-shirt commemorating the outrage is on sale through Zazzle.

In a shocking twist, a movement to stop focusing on the outrage sparked yet another outrage:

"This cockfuckery must not stand," said one insider.

Fans Buy Back The Rights To Firefly

Great news for Browncoats everywhere -- a core group of devoted fans have managed to buy back the rights of the cult TV show "Firefly" from 20th Century Fox, and plan to give them to Nathan Fillion as a belated birthday present.

"See, this really shows what fans can do when they put their minds to it," said one insider. "You can do anything with Kickstarter!"

Reportedly, the domestic and international rights to "Firefly" were purchased for $1700.03. In return for donating money to the cause, "Firefly" fans who contributed will get a special signed and numbered print and a button.

The purchase gives new hope to the fans of another recently-axed beloved sci-fi TV show, "The Cape." A campaign to buy back the rights to short-lived superhero TV show and give them to star David Lyons is currently underway.

We tried contacting Fillion for comment on this story, but he was too busy filming "Castle."

DC To Go "All Pants" For Female Characters In 2011

Riding high on the success of Wonder Woman's new pantified costume, DC announced plans to put all their superheroines in pants this year.

"This is 2011: bare legs just aren't cutting it anymore," one insider said. "There's nothing more practical (and modest) than fighting crime in a pair of slacks."

An art contest will be held to redesign the costumes of such classic DC superheroines as Supergirl, Zatanna, and Mary Marvel in a way that incorporates pants or at least a nice pair of jeggings.

UPDATE: Not to be outdone, rising indy star Dynamite Entertainment announced that they too will be going "all pants" this year, giving, for the first time, pants to Red Sonja and Dejah Thoris.

Such an exciting time to be in comics right now...I feel like this is what we've struggled for.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


The idea was brought up to me several times recently to mention that a couple of comic books I wrote last year are eligible for Harvey Award nominations (which are due Mar. 28). I really don't like doing that sort of stuff -- there's nothing wrong with doing that, and god knows I've written enough PR in my working life, but I feel more comfortable promoting other people's books rather than my own.

That said, Punisher MAX Butterfly and X-Men Origins: Emma Frost, both one-shots, are eligible for this year's Harveys, as is the Punisher short story I did for Girl Comics #1.

While I think Punisher MAX Butterfly is probably the more "arty" and hard-hitting of the two one-shots, I think my Emma Frost book was far more gleefully subversive and so has a special place in my icy heart. While I am of the belief -- rightly or wrongly -- that it is very hard for a female writer to be accepted as a writer of a "macho" title as the Punisher, I also understand that no male could have written that Frost story and have lived in the court of public opinion to tell the tale.

I found that Frost story very empowering, even though I realize it was empowering in a totally fucked-up way. It truly has a "that what doesn't kill me makes me awesome" message, and that message works better for me than some idealistic bunch of pap that keeps one a victim forever. The second-to-last page of that story is probably the single one thing I am most proud of writing in my entire life. Yes, it was totally fucked-up -- but it was also really really true! And yay double-standards -- as a woman I could "get away" with saying it!

The Emma Frost in my Origins story certainly isn't shedding any tears for herself, and she has no intention of dying at the end of her tale as some sort of martyr, either. Let the oft-dead Jean Grey be the fan-favorite; let the female fans complain about Emma's skimpy outfits; let Kitty Pryde run away in disgust and horror at what she considers an un-PC embarrassment of a woman. Emma is living her own life, making lemonade from all those initial lemons the best she can.

It is -- let me tell you -- one good, tall glass of lemonade.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

ABC Casts "Sexy" Edgar Allan Poe

The "Twilight-ization" of everything sci-fi and horror, while certainly amusing in the beginning, has begun to lose its luster. Do we really need a young, sexy Edgar Allan Poe? Does everything need to be cast in a Robert Pattinson/Justin Bieber mold in order to sell?

Answer: perhaps..., "ABC Casts A Sexy Edgar Allan Poe"