Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Best of Occasional Superheroine: That's Entertainment!

Continuing my look back at over 1000 posts on the blog...

Secret Identities and Alter Egos -- An assortment of film clips exploring the theme of alter egos

Britney Spears In: A World Gone Mad! -- This was back when she was merely playful

Anna Nicole Smith: The Annotated Biography -- Reading (and writing) between the lines

Why Superman Not Telling A Lie Had Such An Impact On Me
-- Sometimes movies need good role models

Bad Buffy Fan-Fiction: The Ultimate Shame! -- I take a look at some of my old Angel fan fic

Why Is John Cusack Always In The Rain? -- And why is Nick Cage in a bear suit?

I Want My Spider-Man TV! -- Including "I'm A Marvel and I'm A DC"

"Get Ready To Fly, B**ch!" -- On Tarantino's Death Proof and Lonely Guy Manifestos

The Mid-Life Crisis Of Marilyn Manson -- I remember when he was just a spry lad

Jessica Alba Wants To Be Taken Seriously As An Actress -- Not doing skimpy GQ photo shoots cradling a teddy bear might be good start

PopCult Legends #1: Superman III Robot Scene -- Yipes

PopCult Legends #2: Howard the Duck Sex -- Double Yipes

PopCult Legends #3: Smurf Disease
-- Triple Yipes

Only Anorexics Can Attend Nicole Richie's Party -- Because eating disorders are teh funny

The Sound of 10,000 Fanboy's Heads Exploding -- A room full of Leias in slavery

Katie You Ignorant Slut -- Katie Couric gets no love from Dan Rather

"Let Them Watch Basic Cable" -- The eerie parallels between Paris Hilton and Marie Antoinette

Marvel Legends Presents: Jesus -- More articulation than that stupid Kevin Smith figure

Jodi Sweetin Will Have her Revenge -- The former Full House star is an ICON!

The Transformers Movie Sucks?
-- My posters say, "Nay!"

The Chris Benoit "Ruthless Aggression" Action Figure -- Brought to you by Nostradamus

What Annoying B-List Celebrity Are You? -- I get David Hasselhoff

Superman On That Hoe -- An explanation for all those who are not with it

The Green Hornet: "Knocked Up" -- I was happier when Kevin Smith was on the short list for this project

Better Than Action Figures -- The "Real Doll" phenomenon

Love Gun: Official KISS Slash Fan Fiction?! -- Hoax, but intriguing nonetheless

A Mediation On Teh Boobage -- The mystery of Hermione's breast reduction

Naked "Nevermind" Baby 17 And Working At L.A. Juice Bar -- Just another reminder that I'm elderly

Popeye: Real Man -- Screenshots of old Popeye cartoon, starring Olive as castrating fill-in-the-blank

Which Monkee Are You? -- Peter Tork; I always fancied myself as Nesmith, personally but I think I'm too damn naive

Superbad: A Chick Flick If Chicks Were Dudes And Not Chicks -- McLovin

Old Mego Superheroes Ad
-- "Starring that great BLACK superhero"

Ridley Scott Sez The Sci-Fi Genre Is Dead -- Pretty big words, tough guy

Katie Holmes To Play Wonder Woman? -- Who knew there were so many Katie haters in th' house?

Keeanu Is Klaatu -- Is it a stretch for him to play a wooden, emotionless alien?

Ou Est Mas Sexier? -- Hayden or Gillian?

Onion "Abducted Girl" Parody -- Funny or offensive?

Tarantino On "Heroes": "I've Never Seen The F**king Show" -- He's too cool for school, that one

Fat? -- Britney

Creepy Comix -- The one where Mickey almost shot himself and other classix

Has Family Guy Jumped The Shark? -- Brian is Chewbacca, that's hilarious

The Marcia-Jan Affair -- An affair that wasn't

Obligatory OJ
-- Something to get out of my system, bear with me

Smallville Premiere Liveblogging
-- It kind of ruins the viewing experience for me, but I do it for the fans

Gun Marketers Say: Pink Is For Girls -- You could sell crates of hand-grenades to wimmens if only you make them pink

The Truth About Sea Monkeys -- More slaying of childhood sacred cows

The Secret Rape In The Harry Potter Books? -- But she was asking for it, and it's minotaurs anyway

Now It Can Be Told: The Dark Truth Of Charlie Brown -- The dark underbelly of the yellow shirt

Catwoman Cosplay Video -- Something for your MySpace page

William Shatner: "I Don't Do Cameos!" -- He's a little bit of a dick but I like him

Top 6(66) Scream Queens -- They're mad and they have telekinetic scrotum-ripping abilities

GI Joe No Longer "Real American Hero?" -- Everybody hates America, I get it, I get it

Jack Nicholson On "Dark Knight": "I'm Furious!" -- I'll bet he's feeling bad now

Did Family Guy Go Too Far This Episode? -- Matricide: it's all in good fun

"It's Like Spike Lee Directing Captain America" -- Because then The Falcon would have too many lines and we can't have that no way

Watchmen Babies -- Baby Inkblot throws a dead dog through the window with his itty bitty widdle hans

Italian Spiderman -- I try to watch this every few days to cleanse my palette

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt Fat? -- I get keywords typed in for this every day

Top Ten X-Mas Angsty Moments
-- Because holiday entertainment should be depressing

Heath Ledger, Brandon Lee, and Thoughts On The Panic of '94
-- No, no eerie coincidence at all, that's just crazy talk

Top Ten Werewolf Movies -- Yeah, I know I just ran this, but this way it's more publicity for High Moon


  1. What was with that video?

  2. never mind, I watched the video in context and it makes more sense.

  3. Ha ! Love that video ! Black top and everything !

  4. Oddly enough, Val did a better job than Kirsten Dunst!

  5. Italian Spider-Man makes me teh happies.