Thursday, March 20, 2008

Absolutely Crazy X-Files Movie Rumor

There is apparently this crazy rumor swirling about the upcoming X-Files movie sequel that at the end, you find out Mulder and Scully are the same person.

This rumor sounds insane, but so insane that it... actually makes you think, dude, you know?

(no, actually it is just insane)

The big confirmed news about the upcoming film is that "Mulder and Scully kiss"!

Ooh, wow!

Didn't they have sex in the TV show? Isn't that how they got that kid?

Now they're back to heavy petting? Is this 1997?


  1. X-Files meets Fight Club?

  2. 1997 again? Someone remind me to buy stock in JNCO.

    I'm still taking a wait-and-see approach to the movie. Most of me thinks the moment has passed (and that the original film did not stand the test of time well at all), but there's a tiny core of 12-year-old who wants to enjoy this so much.

    Wait and see. Wait and see.

  3. I just found out my wife love the X-files. Who knew, eh? I'm pumped to check out X-Files 2, I think I'm one of the few who loved the first movie.

    on a side note, Val, how do we get a hold of you if we want to forward you an article? Every so often I see or hear something that makes me wonder what the OC would think. I'm sure there's something on the blog for that I just can't find where it is.

  4. I think that something like Mulder and Scully being the same person would be the kind of Meta-Narrative device that would be necessary for me to enjoy X-Files again. I was really into X-Files for quite a while but once it became clear that the writers had no clue whatsoever what was going on with the aliens and the conspiracy it started to really lose it for me.

    Once it became clear that not only did they start off with no idea, but they also couldn't figure out a way to tie everything together it completely lost me. Add to that the way that the characters never seemed to learn from experience or grow in genuine ways and the result was that I started hating it. Not just hating the new episodes, but hating the old ones as well because they seemed so empty and built on posturing in retrospect.

    I can't even watch the 'good' episodes of X-Files anymore without getting angry and sad. I'd like to be able to enjoy the early episodes again. I don't think it'll ever happen, but I hope that somehow the new movie rekindles my affection.

  5. the craziest thing about the x-files movie is that they are making one. didn't they do enough to kill the series when it was on the air. the show stayed on the air way past the time it should have ended. no one wants to see a new x-files the movie now.