Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Occasional Links: The Kool Penguin Edition

Did the advertising mascot for Kool cigarettes inspire Bob Kane to create The Penguin? Bat-Blog has the answer.

Speaking of which, a group of angry clowns protest Harvey Dent's run for district attorney -- was it a viral marketing campaign? Or real angry clowns?

It's a couple of days after the holiday, but here's a Buffy the Vampire Slayer themed marshmallow bunny diorama
Your new Star Wars toys are available in Muppet or Disney versions (what was that thing about George Lucas being protective of his original creative vision again? did that include Gonzo as Darth Vader? did I miss something?)

Read Jeff Lemire's 5-page western The Horseless Rider for free on his blog

The new Friday The 13th remake will star Jared Padalecki from the TV show Supernatural...and the new Tintin will be this fellow:

In other news, they are actually remaking Friday the 13th. And that kid's a little creepy.

Destructoid gives suggestions on how to revitalize the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise:

"Sonic's over the hill. He's clapped out, worn out and ready to be thrown out. As someone who adored the speedy woodland creature as a child, it's horrible to have to say that, but it's true. He was introduced as the cool and sassy alternative to a reserved and "boring" Mario, but looking at the two characters today, it's easy to see which is going strong and which has aged very, very badly."

If Sonic the Hedgehog is over the hill, I must be ancient. I played games on the original Atari system. I remember taking that original Atari system out of the box and smelling its just-out-of-the-box fresh smell.

Apparently if you stare at the center of this picture for 30 seconds, you will shit bricks. Let me know how that goes.

Somebody actually edited together all the creepy scenes from the infamous child molestation episode of Diff'rent Strokes. I'm sure the producers had good intentions with this episode, but it was one of those television watching experiences as a child that freaked me the hell out, introducing me to concepts like middle-aged men doing photo shoots of little boys on safari with their shirts off. Biggest creepiness of all -- the way the laugh track or studio audience chuckles during inappropriate moments. Oh, Arnold is about to get involved in a child porn ring -- that's freakin' hilarious.

Now, if I remember correctly, there was a separate episode where this photographer tried to rape the sister after tying Arnold up with duct tape. Wow. You can see how by the time The Cosby Show and Family Ties came on, we were fairly starving for something a little less...dramatic.

Though there was always that episode where Tom Hanks played Alex's alcoholic uncle. Alright, enough reminiscing!


  1. Those Muppet Star Wars figures are fantastic! The Disney ones...not so much.

    In retrospect, every episode of Diff'rent Strokes creeps me out when I think of where the kids ended up - especially Dana Plato.

  2. Whoa, I never saw that episode growing up. It creeped the shit out of me now. Why is the audience laughing? I know it was a more innocent day and all, but shit, that's really creepy! An old man getting two kids drunk and shirtless surely must have set off warning signals even in the 80's. EEK!

  3. Gaaah! Cock Mongler! I try to get out of 4chan, and THEY PULL ME BACK IN!

  4. All in the family had the famous rape episode. Wow. Tv back in the day.

  5. But SONIC franchise still alive and kicking , he`s a playable character in Smash bros brawls for the Wii, and there`s a new sonic game

    Sonic X was a good cartoon show

  6. The Atari 2600 smell. That brings back some memories...

    I'm still mad at my mom for making me sell mine when I got a Nintendo.

  7. "I'm still mad at my mom for making me sell mine when I got a Nintendo."

    my mom sent our Atari to our relatives in Brazil. This was before we got Nintendo, so we just had this Commodore 64 that had a racing game, and really bad sci-fi "quest" game. The best thing about that quest game was that there was one place where you could flush this toilet. We couldn't figure out how to play the rest of the game, so we kept going into that bunker in the game and flushing the toilet.

  8. I stared at the pic, but I don't think it worked. I got kind of a vague image of somebody with big cheekbones smiling, but that's it.

  9. Sonic needs to have more pouches. And a big gun.

    Oooooh! Hows about a big glowing energy eye! ^_^

    (Its probably a good thing I'm not a comics writer, because I would pitch the hell out of a DC Earth where everyone is a Cable-ized version of themselves. It would be *bodacious.*) ^_^

  10. Stared at the pic, got the same smiley image.

    You REALLY want a mindfuck? Stare at the Sonic picture, focusing on Sonic until your eyes begin to blur. The water in the background will start moving and so will the clouds!

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